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Last updated on November 18th, 2023 at 05:35 pm

Soft play area


We are a very playful family especially when it comes to the weekend and Daddy is home. It’s family play time. We love to get out of the house, be adventurous but this weekend the rain fell hard and we resorted to doing what we do best. Play at our local soft play area! Let’s be honest every adult likes to act like a big kid once in a while and that’s just what we did. 

I love watching the kids play in the ball pool together, attempting to find their feet and jumping around safely. We were lucky enough to go on Saturday and still get it all to ourselves, a rare entity. Buba now thinks because his sister can walk she is as big as he, and the two love to rough house in there together. I hold my breath and Daddy watches on in laughter. 
soft play area


Missy Moo is just getting into the soft play fun too. She no longer sits back in her stroller with the adults having coffee. She is in there right away, climbing, sliding, jumping, throwing and more. It’s definitely her in her element. She even goes down the big massive slide by herself. Something Buba didn’t do until he was more 2 years old than 1 year old. Her no fear factor continues to scare me.

Although she now needs to learn the art of sharing as you can see above she doesn’t want to share the blue ball for nothing. Only seconds later did a kid run up to her and snatch it. All part of growing up I say! lol I know cold hearted aren’t I? 

We are lucky to have a huge soft play near us that really does have something for both kids to be completely entertained. Ever since Buba started Little Kickers he is really getting into his soccer. So the mini soccer pitch is his new favorite hot spot. Missy Moo was just as pleased with it but more to run around and pick up the balls and not share them than kicking. 

Check out the video below, and see just what our fun filled family Saturdays look like, ordinary yes, but oh so memorable!



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10 thoughts on “Family play time”

    • Ya it was her first time. Wish I could have used volume on that bit as she was in fact laughing her head off. But too much other noise to hear. So fun.

  1. It’s harder to find stuff to do now the weather is turning nasty, I really don’t like soft play but both the girls love it. LL likes to sit with me though and rarely plays but Mads is off like a shot! Love the green dress, as you know we have it too, our girls have practically the same wardrobes! x

    • I really do think LL and MM have the same wardrobes. We are huge fans of #littlebirds. Hahahaha good old Mothercare. I know I probably bore everyone with my soft play posts over and over but my two love it. Can’t wait till they both run off and I can sit and relax. Hahahaha watch from a far. Thanks for hosting my lovely.

  2. We miss soft play, such a good option when it rains! Can’t find quite the same sort of set up here at all… I have to say, I could happily give it a miss, but the kids love it 🙂 Your two certainly seem to be enjoying it xx

    • Oh hunny I know I keep saying that about America. You need to open one up. A huge one! I bet it would making a killing in the states. We have nothing like it. Best invention!


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