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Since I missed a week of the fabulous linky “Love the little things for 2014” from Butwhymummywhy I am putting two in one this week. I hope you all don’t mind my double feature to catch up!


A dear friend of mine has lent me a collection of Lindsey Kelk’s I heart books. I have just started “I heart Hollywood” yesterday.  I have set a goal for 2014 to read a book a week.. I love chic-lit, obviously as that’s my own book’s genre! But I also have a soft spot for mystery, crime, adventure,  and sci-fi. I would love any recommendations, just comment below


This week we are also reading, “Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book”. Buba can’t get enough of it. I find myself dreaming about Charlie Cook. How weird is that?


The Ellen Degeneres show! When I lived in America I was a faithful viewer but since moving to the UK, I  admit I haven’t kept up. Every so often, I jump on YouTube for an Ellen fix. Here is a great clip of accidents that happen LIVE on Ellen. If you never have seen her show before you must check it out. She has to be the funniest person I have ever watched.
Also this week, I have been watching various educational tutorials on YouTube. I guess you could say it’s a big YouTube week for me. From learning crafts, watching shows, and finding old fashion cartoons for the kids, I never thought YouTube would become so handy and useful.


As always, I have to share a little country music with you. It is always on in my house, making it feel a little more like back home. I used to be a big fan of “One Tree Hill” and recently one of the characters as turned from acting to country music. The country music world welcomes her with open arms!

Jana Kramer – A Good Time Comin’ On

I am always excited when there is a new country singer or new songs hit the billboard charts even more so when I can share all my favorites with the UK.


I am working on the ‘family’s first trip’ digital photo album. I am working backwards, from present to past, as I am so far behind on my albums I don’t know where I left off. In an attempt to catch up, I am trying to do a few pages every night. I think as far back as 2012 is still waiting. Eeeek.

I have also put together a potty training chart for Buba. We have attempted pt in the past but it ended badly. So we left it for a few months, now as he nears 2 1/2 years old, I am finding the courage to try again soon. Books, potty,sweatpants, stickers and now an awesome new chart is ready! Hopefully Buba will be ready too, not sure I will be!


I am wearing my new cream Calvin Klein snood. It’s covered in bronze sequins, just my type of bling. It was a late birthday present from my best friend back home, and I have to say I haven’t had it off this week with the freezing temperatures outside.

I have also been wearing Bogeta Blackberry O.P.I. nail polish, solid for four months. (not the same coat – that would be impossible). With the new year and an empty bottle of nail polish, I have opted for the french look ,the last few weeks. It’s refreshing to be simple sometimes. I am sure I will go back to my one and only nail polish love but for now, it’s a clean, fresh look on my digits.

And lastly..

I am on a new journey, a photography journey. With the help of numerous YouTube videos, favorite photography bloggers, and lots of practice, I am attempting to take better snapshots of my family. I have long been obsessed with photography, and have been taking more than my fair share of pictures, my whole life but I am sick of bad, blurry, grainy shots. Missing out on those amazing moments that could only be recalled by memory, until now.  This week I was learning about lighting and angles, here are my first attempts at applying what I have learned.

I feel 2014 is the year for challenging my brain and seeing how much I can possibly learn in one year. After having two kids, back to back, I felt my brain was going to mush. I thought with a new year and the kids a bit older, it’s time I get this brain back in working order!!

I hope you have enjoyed my double catch-up feature of  “love the little things of 2014”. I am so honored to be linkying with Butwhymummywhy, she is a brilliant blogger and friend.


21 thoughts on “Love the little things #3/#4”

  1. I love the Song, of to search on Spotify. I am constantly watching (or catching up on interviews) from Ellen on her YouTube site. She is so funny and I think she is a great chat show host.

    • I agree, I think she tops Oprah I really do!!!! I love reading her tweets too. If you don’t follow her, check her out. She is always giveaway stuff, making funny jokes, and hopefully it’s just her through and through. Thank goodness for YouTube. lol

    • I attempted to take a selfie, but I am no good at it at all. Check out my instagram ( I will post a picture for you. lol Be prepared it won’t be a great one! lol

    • Thank you. I just hope I can come out with some fabulous memories of the family to share. Ohhhh, it is extra soft too! Bonus! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. I love Ellen, I used to watch her show in the mornings over the summer period, they don’t seem to play it anymore though, too bad because she always makes me laugh! Stopping by from the love the little things link up and I’ve added myself to your Bloglovin followers 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

    • Welcome daisy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Big thanks for adding me to your bloglovin. I know I wish they would put them back on. I miss her show so much. She is so positive.

  3. I have never heard that artist before, but I love that song! I have been working on my photographing skills too. While I don’t have a DSLR camera, I do have a pretty good one that LOOKS like one. Hah. I’m cheap.

    • Ya I have only just borrowed a dslr to see the difference from my point and shoot cause I am cheap too. Lol so much to learn. Glad you like the song come by every Wednesday I do a “music to my ears” and feature six country songs/videos. Bringing a little country twang to the uk.

  4. LOVE Ellen- what was that bookshop show she used to be in?? Years ago, remember?? Anyone!!
    Need a pic of the snood, sounds gorgeous and yes, Charlie Cook’s favourite book is amazing too.
    All in all, a fab week.
    Happy weekend. 🙂

  5. The snood sounds fab, I’m a scarf addict. Love them!

    Hubby bought me an online photography course as I agree with you, I love taking pictures but they could be a lot better. Just need to find the time to start it now

    Have a lovely week xx

    • Oh which course is it? I am dying to take a beginner one. Just need to make the decision as I got a new point and shoot camera but really do I need a dslr I think so but can’t justify until I lean more. Catch 22!

      • I’ll have a look and let you know, need to dig out all the details. We’ve got a ridiculously big and overpriced camera (bought with hubby’s bonus last year) but feels like such a waste at the min as neither of us know how to use it! Sometimes wish I had a smaller one that was a but more convenient to carry round xx

        • Thanks hun. That’s what I am finding out, I need one that’s in the middle not too heavy and bulky but can still do fantastic features in Manual mode. Once I get the hang of manual mode…. hahaa it frightens me. I am reading Mamarazzi right now, about how to photograph kids. It’s awesome because she has a lot of amazing pictures of kids in various lightings and locations but underneath each picture she write all her settings down so you know exactly what she did in manual mode for that picture (ISO, Aperture, SS) its so helpful.


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