Siblings {December 2016}

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It’s that time again, the end of the year, the one we love to roundup and look back on the year that we just lived. Looking over how much our children have grown and changed, each month along the way. It’s one of the many, many reasons I adore this project. It motivates me to make sure I capture my two together as much as possible. Documenting their relationship and them growing together as siblings. I would have loved to read back about my own childhood so I hope someday these posts comfort and warm the hearts of my children when they read it. 

With December comes so many festive days out and festive celebrations. Seeing Santa is the biggest one of them all. Each year, we take a little train that runs through our town, through our park, and in the Hall to see the big man himself. I love looking back through our photos with Santa and see how much the kids have changed just in the short years we have been going. It’s one of the highlights of my year each time. 

Siblings Seeing Santa December 2016 the siblings project

Siblings Seeing Santa December 2016 the siblings project

While B is very independent and brave to talk to someone he doesn’t know and even Santa but his sister the shy one, usually stands behind him. She lets him lead and hides in his shadows. However, this year, it was so different. To my surprise, she ran ride beside him in to see Santa with a skip in her step. She may not have picked the chair right next to him but she was quick to chime in with what she wanted for Christmas. She really has changed so much the last few months. Together these two have been getting all sorts of hyper and excited for the holidays. We are off to America to see two of my brothers and family. I can’t wait to see them and the kids can’t either along with going on an airplane.  Siblings Seeing Santa December 2016 the siblings project Siblings Seeing Santa December 2016 the siblings project


Riding the train through our park.

Seeing Santa and giving him their wishlists.

Throwing leaves at each other as much as they do at me. 

Sunday lego and pj day.

Field trips with their schools.

Getting ready to go to America.

Their new Christmas Sweaters.

Siblings Seeing Santa December 2016 the siblings project Siblings Seeing Santa December 2016 the siblings project

I love seeing these two converse together in whatever jokes and inside chatter they have going on. They are in constant whispers these days among themselves. They see the world together, most likely in some fog of laughter, funny, game, playing universe. I am so grateful they are always in constant giggles together. I think this year will be the first of many exciting Christmas for them together as siblings. Whereas the last three years, it’s been exciting and magical for Mr P and I. They are now at the age where they both understand Santa coming and the magical reindeer up on the roof top. I can’t wait to see their faces on Christmas morning. When they realize Santa has came and their stockings are full. I am like a kid myself, I truly can’t wait. I doubt I will sleep a wink. Siblings Seeing Santa December 2016 the siblings project

As we get closer and closer to MM starting school in September, B has taken it upon himself to teach her about everything he knows. It’s beautiful watching him point things out to her, tell her how things work or how to do something. He really is a great leader between the two of them. I wonder how their relationship will further when they are in the same infant part of the school. It’s a very small school so they will see each other and class will join together sometimes. I try to imagine that it will only bring them closer. 

Don’t get me wrong they can bicker like normal siblings do, where one wants the same toy or someone has more than the other. But the thing I love most is if anyone else upsets the other, they are quick to come to each other’s rescue. They protect and defend each other to no end, at the park, on the playground or at a birthday party. I hope that in school they will continue to look out for each other. Siblings Seeing Santa December 2016 the siblings project Siblings Seeing Santa December 2016 the siblings project

This month has been a little hard for the kids. They have watched mommy cry, one too many sad tears. They have had to have death be explained them in the most sensitive, protective way. They have been my rock through so many tough phone calls back home. Somehow they both have known to help me a bit more, hug me a bit longer, stop and kiss me an extra time when I needed it most. I am blown away how perceptive children can be no matter what age they are. I have hid the really hard stuff that I can’t explain even to myself from their innocent hearts. They have kept the spirit of Christmas and all it’s festivities alive for us this month. They have kept us motivated to keep celebrating. Siblings Seeing Santa December 2016 the siblings project Siblings Seeing Santa December 2016 the siblings project

Looking back at the entire year below really gets me emotional. I can’t believe how much they have changed from the beginning of the year. Yet, their relationship has only grown closer and more inside jokes and games between the two of them. No one knows what tomorrow will bring us so hold on to the moments like these forever. When they happen snap them up, document them and cherish them. 

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14 thoughts on “Siblings {December 2016}”

    • Me too, it’s my favorite month of the whole year on this project. It’s amazing how fast kids can change just in a few months. In mine, you can see my two really changed between October and November months from little tots to big kids.

  1. Aww bless them, they’re so beautiful and so adorable in their matching Christmas jumpers. You’ve captured lots of gorgeous pictures of them this year. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas 🙂 x #Siblings

    • Thanks Jocelyn, hard at this time of year or any rather but the kids keep me going and the spirits uplifted. Love these jumpers on them can’t stop sharing them on ig hahaha my little reindeers.

    • Oh I know it’s my favorite month of the whole year in this project for so many roundups and seeing the kiddos all growing up together and growing up so fast. Me too, sadly the sweater can’t spell it says Rudolf hahaha every time I see it I want to autocorrect it!


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