Buba’s love for Papa & Cars

Last updated on November 17th, 2023 at 04:18 pm

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We only have three weeks left in the states. I can’t believe how fast this summer is going by. In two weeks we will be off to Seattle to visit more family and friends that I have over there before we return to the UK and get back to our normal everyday life.

While moving into my parents house for the summer, Buba has become so attached to his Papa (my dad). It is so amazing watching them together. My Dad has a huge passion for cars and rebuilds old hot rods. Buba follows him around his car garage all day long and around the house too. It is so sweet watchig them become so close and bonding over the same passions. I love just sitting back and taking a mental picture of them together, sat just like this above. 

This is an everyday occurrence where Papa gets out his car magazine called “GoodGuys” and Buba sits on his lap in his big chair and together they go through all the hot rod pictures. Buba squeals as Papa turns every page and it never ceases to amaze me how excited he still gets the second, third, millionth time through the same magazine with Papa. It’s their daily moment together before naptime after lunch and it has become a very ordinary moment for them but one I will keep in my memory forever watching my dad and son bonding over their love for cars. 

Papa has even been letting him wash his cars which according to Papa is a big deal and Buba nods in agreement and takes it very serious. “Mommy you got to be careful around Papa’s cars, he said so.” He is quickly starting to sound like my dad!!! 

washing hot rods

I know Buba will miss this so very much when we go back to the UK and it will be another year, until next summer when we are here again and I hope his love for cars stays to they can continue this beautiful relationship building together.

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    • Thanks Katie. They are hilarious together. We keep calling them mini me’s. It’s so cute. Buba is in awe of papa and everything has to be about papa too now. Lol very grateful to have this bonding time together.


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