Siblings {August}

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swimming in paddling pool
My little water babies.
There hasn’t been a day while vacationing here in the states that they both aren’t jumping into a pool somewhere. The heat takes us to the water often whether it’s in a paddling pool at a friend’s house, a lake or river near by or a bigger paddling pool at my parents, its the best place for the kids to cool off. 
I have always been a huge water person  myself and I was so relieved that both my kids took after me and not their non-swimming father. They seem to get in the water and light up with a splashing high instead of a sugar high.
At first I was so careful to keep Buba from completely splashing Missy Moo all over as I thought it would upset her and make her not like the pool. I couldn’t have been more wrong. We went to my childhood best friend’s house yesterday for a playdate. With in seconds, both of my kids had jumped in her paddling pool fully clothed not wanting to wait until it warmed up a little and they had their swimsuits on. They didn’t care and this is at 10 am in water from the hose which is freezing.
Nothing could have made them smile bigger than when I let Buba go on a splashing frenzy to see how Missy Moo would cope. He had been begging to splash all week. I was prepared for her to whine a bit, maybe even cry or just turn away but I wasn’t prepared for her to want to get closer to his feet, and put her face right in the splashing, laughing her head off. 
paddling poolskiddy pool swimming
I couldn’t stop laughing at them which is why some of these are blurry. It was hard to enjoy the moment and capture it at the same time. They were hysterical together while my friend’s baby, K, looked on at them like,  “what are they doing?” which only made us all laugh harder.toddlers in paddling pools
I love that they come alive in water.
I love that they are having so many great adventures here in the states as I have did growing up. It’s been such a great journey thus far and I am grateful that we still have two more weeks here and then we move on to Seattle to see more family & friends and make more memories there together as a family.
They really have grown up so much while we have been here. 
dear beautiful
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4 thoughts on “Siblings {August}”

    • Yes you really won’t recognize them at all when we return. They are both so tan with bleach blonde hair and so much taller and bigger. MM is walking everywhere now too. Crazy how fast they grow up. We are having a blast it will be so hard to come back to the uk. Just glad we get to do this every summer.

    • Thank you so much Jess for stopping by and the lovely comment. They had so much fun in that pool it was hilarious watching them. So happy here state side.


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