{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #7

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:48 pm


This funny little tot is fast approaching 2 1/2 years old. I don’t know where the months have gone, it seems to be blurring together now that I have two kids. I have been told it only goes faster as they get older.

It’s the end of another busy week and “Phrase Day Friday” is upon us. A weekly post to record the funny things my son, Buba and his friends say. Someday it will include the conversations he will have with his sister, Missy Moo. I love this stage as toddlers are so innocent in what they say, yet, so cheeky on how they go about it.

We never get sick of hearing another first word added to his vocabulary. Although we are guilty of blaming nursery for those words or phrases no parent wants to hear their child shout in public, let alone at home. It’s easier to  blame nursery when he belts out,”there’s poop in my bum, Mommy, clean it”. (head lowered in shame and run for the door). Not the most attractive way to say I need my diaper changed, is it? Definitely blaming nursery for that one or another child.

Not only is his speech evolving, he is becoming a true boy through and through. The one that lifts his leg and toots (pumps in the UK) and giggles. No one teaches these dirty manly habits it’s in each and everyone of them. Trust me, I know, I have a ton of brothers! It’s mortifying for a mother and a proud moment for a father when it first happens. I have to say I wasn’t prepared at 2 1/2 years old for this to be happening. Yesterday, he took it one step further.

Buba: “Hi flower, what you doing?” (to his sister on my knee).

Missy Moo: (Gurgling, happily reaches for his face).

Buba: (a loud toot followed by giggles).

Me: “Say excuse me!”

Buba: “I not do it”.

Me: “Yes, you did. When you toot, say excuse me.”

Buba: “Excuse you flower.”

Playing the “blame your sister” game already. Dear me, I think these toddlers get more cheeky every generation.

Now that Missy Moo is almost crawling, pulling up on things, and really coming out of her shell, Buba is right next to her wanting to be apart of every move she makes. Sweet, yes, but he doesn’t quite understand she isn’t a playmate yet. She can’t handle his pushing, pulling and his heavy head bonking hers all the time. He also has become a little helper too, wanting to assist in anything I do with Missy Moo, like being her shadow. We were giving her a bath last night, and Buba was getting really excited to help put her pyjamas on.

Buba: “Hello naked belly. (tickling her belly). Hello wittle weg. Well, hello another wittle weg. Hello hand. What you doing here, now? (tapping on her waving hand). Mommy, Missy Moo has hands and wegs.”

I love that he can’t say his “l’s,” it was very cute. It melts my heart when I see how much he loves his sister. The older they get, it seems the more they want to be by each other’s sides. I only hope that it long continues into adulthood.

 I hope this has made you laugh or at least made you smile. Are your kiddies saying funny these, I would love to hear them?

10 thoughts on “{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #7”

  1. Hmmm but poop is an American term, so I’m not sure you can blame nursery for that one 😉
    Definitely good to learn the trick of blaming your ‘toots’ on someone else nice and early. If in doubt always blame a sibling, followed by the dog, or Daddy 🙂

    • You caught me!!! I was attempting to be sarcastic as in blame nursery when clearly it wasn’t but I guess I need to work on that. Hehehe My fault completely. I guess I need to get us a dog quick! 🙂 Thanks for popping by.

  2. Really funny! He definitely has a boyish sense of humour! His public outburst remInds me of when my little girl interrupted her music class by shouting to the teacher on the way out: “I HAVE TO DO A POO!”


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