30 things to do when you have a toddler & a baby

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It’s already a struggle to get creative and find new adventurous things to do when having a toddler. But when you have your second child there comes a time when you have to think long and hard, what can I do with my toddler and my baby together? What activities are there, where they will both be entertained and happy.


Here are 30 things to do with my toddler and baby together:

1. Play with play dough – my toddler loves to roll it out and let his sister make hand prints in it or stomp it with her feet.

2. Go to messy play group – both my kids love this as much as I do because I don’t have to clean up the mess. I believe there are classes at most children centers.

3. Blow bubbles – what kid doesn’t like a bubble fest.

4. Go to the Park – I sit behind Buba and put Missy Moo on his lap and together the three of us do MANY rounds of going down the slide, choo-choo style.

5. Make sock puppets and have a talent show – We are a big fan of many crafts and putting on make believe shows. Missy Moo especially thinks sock puppets are hilarious.

6. Go to a soft play area – these play places are amazing because they cater for all ages. Missy Moo loves a good bounce in bouncers next to me while Buba runs around on the climbing frames. It can give you a chance to be playing with them and enjoying a cup of hot coffee, a rare thing.

7. Bath time party – Put both kids in the bath with some bubbles and LOTS of toys and let them have a bath party. So fun, but be prepared to be soaked yourself.

8. Piggy back rides – I give Buba piggy back rides and every so often crash onto the floor or couch and we all fall down. Missy Moo looks up at us from the middle of the floor laughing her head off, while Mommy and Buba are being silly. *clearly making sure you don’t fall down near your baby.

9. Go for a walk – I pop both of them into the double stroller and we walk around the neighborhood, getting some fresh air. We are lucky enough to have a duck pond close by and go feed the ducks too.

10. Sing song time – Pop on some children’s music and sing along. Act out the hokey pokey (for UK the hokey cokey) or ring around the rosie.

11.Flashlight Star Bright – Turn all the lights off and use mini flashlights to make twinkly lights on the ceiling and walls. (for the UK mini torches). I use my hands and make animal figures on the wall.

12. Go to an all age music class – We go to Rock N Learn every Monday. It’s great to have both of them together and enjoying the instruments and singing as a family. Harriet is amazing and does birthday parties as well.

13. Movie time – Pull out one of those Disney Movies, your big duvet and have a relaxing afternoon with the kiddies. Buba is getting to the age where he will watch a movie in pieces and Missy Moo usually just loves cuddling with us and lying on the big fluffy duvet on the living room floor.

14. Arts & Crafts – All kids love arts & craft time. Even if the baby is just splashing paint everywhere and their sibling is trying to color them instead of the paper. I went and bought a big piece of PVC fabric from Dunelm Mill and I  lay it out when it’s time for messy fun. They have tons of patterns click on the link to see the one I bought.

15. Explore the outdoors – I put Missy Moo in the rucksack and Buba in his wellies. We go to various areas around where we live to explore the outdoors. Buba loves outdoor adventures especially his new puddle jumping skills.

16. Build a fort – All kids love building forts out of the couch pillows, dining room table and chairs, blankets from their beds, and let’s not forget to pile in the stuff animals for good company inside. Missy Moo enjoys watching Mommy and Buba building and enjoying the masterpiece after. Add some fairy lights to make the fort glow. Babies love to look at the lights twinkling.

17. Storytime – When you want them to settle down and be calm, storytime is a great way to encourage this. I let them pick their own books and we all sit down among fluffy pillows on the floor and read. Why not build a fort first and enjoy your storytime in their new den.

18. Take pictures – Have an old camera, let your toddler take pictures (with guidance) of you and their sibling. Take pictures of each other taking pictures. Buba thinks this is so grown up. Missy Moo will do anything for a camera shot with all her smiles. I even got her a toy one so she can pretend she is taking pictures too.

19. Have a playdate with a friend – I have numerous friends that have recently had their second baby too. Having playdates with similar ages kids is so much fun, not only can the mommy be amazing company because they know what it’s like but there is a friend for everyone. Even if they don’t have two kids, playdates are both good for the kids as well as you.

20. Go swimming – My two absolutely love their swimming lessons, but it’s also fun to take them swimming as a family. Take them on the weekend to one of the local pools in your area and bring Dad, Grandma, or an Aunt with you. The family swim times are usually throughout the weekend and are relatively cheap.

21. Legos – My two love legos, Buba builds and Missy Moo chews until it’s time to knock it all down. Buba is the best at smashing his towers and Missy Moo finding it to be the funniest thing ever. *Make sure toddler is smashing in the opposite direction of the baby of course. Often Buba will build a tower around Missy Moo, while she watched intently.

22. Have a picnic – What ever the weather is you can always have a picnic. Pack one up with a cozy picnic blanket for the park or if it’s raining lay it all out on the living room floor for an indoor picnic. Kids love a good choice of nibbles. Make a lot of finger foods and healthy snack options so they can pick and choose. Missy Moo’s favorite thing to do at the moment is trying different finger foods so this is a regular pastime in our house now.

23. Bake and decorate cookies – This is a bit harder for baby’s but they love to help decorate the cookies afterwards. Let your toddler help you bake them, and when they have cooled, pull out that big piece a colorful PVC (vinyl) because it’s going to get messy.

24. Dance – Put on some up beat music and get your toddler and baby to feel the music and dance around the house. We are always singing and dancing in this house. I usually am holding Missy Moo on my hip and swinging Buba by his arm in circles around the kitchen island.

25. Puzzles – I get these huge foam/sponge puzzles for Asda (for USA walmart). Buba loves trying to piece them together and they are really strong but spongelike so Missy Moo uses them for a teething ring. I even let her chew them when we aren’t doing puzzle time. Sometimes I assist her in playing a piece of puzzle or two but Buba likes us to have a puzzle for him and a puzzle for her.

26. Play Horsey – We take turns being the horse. I am the horse for Buba (obviously) and then he plays horsey for Missy Moo. *clearly with me holding onto her tightly, you never know when a toddler may buck. lol 

27. Child Toss – We pile all the big couch cushions into a flat pile so it’s sturdy and not too high. Then I lay a duvet over the pillow to cover all the zippers that maybe poking out from the cushions. Each child takes a turn getting tossed into the pile on fluffiness. With Missy Moo I am very gentle and more or less place her on it but they are both in hysterics not just when I am tossing them but when I am tossing the other one too. I think it’s a fun anticipation game for them, and it help teaches your toddler patience because he has to wait on the side for his turn. *use extreme caution and yes, we are a rowdy family. 

28. Play dress up  and make believe – I keep old halloween costumes so they can play around in them later. I usually do the dressing up of Missy Moo but then the make believe part we all can join in on. Playing pirates & princesses is usually a fair and fun one to do. It helps them use their imagination. There is nothing wrong with a little fantasy world either. We have played fairies or caption hook using out bed as a ship. Get creative.

29. iPad Education – There are so many apps on the ipad that entertain and educate at the same time for all ages. We have great apps like the chalk board or coloring book ones where both Buba and Missy Moo can color together or take turns choosing different animals and numbers. Even if you baby is small there are a ton of “touch” apps so all they have to do is pound their tiny cute fist on the screen. Buba still loves these so they tend to take turns smacking the screen. Make sure to have a protective case around it so they can’t damage it. Amazon sell a few as do other places online.

30. Go for a drive – Preferably during naptime and somewhere where there is a drive-thru Starbucks. Grab yourself a hot latte and sip it slowly as you drive around somewhere beautiful. Your kids are sleeping soundly in the back and you are getting a nice relaxing moment to yourself. Win-win!!

*Please note, always keep a close eye on  your toddler and baby when playing together. It is too easy for accidents to occur especially when doing activities. 

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    • Thank you for commenting and stopping by. I was striving for 50 but a lot of things I do with my toddler is while the baby is napping so couldn’t really do that. Hahaha thought it might be a good post for other moms of toddlers and babies. I am always trying to get creative and think of new things to do with them both especially in winter when it’s dull and boring.

  1. Definitely needed some new ideas, I keep trying to get everyone on board with a rousing game of family nap time but they’re not buying it. Great list!

    • Thank you for stopping by. I was striving for 50 but I only have so much time during naptime to creatively think. lol I love the game family naptime. Haha I probably should nap when my two nap but it is the only time I can blog. lol Hope to see you here again soon. 😉


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