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Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:48 pm

I am the beginner of all beginners when it comes to photography, yet I have probably taken more pictures than most professional photographers. (ok maybe not that many but you get the point). I take A LOT of photos.  Since I was a little girl I have been the one behind the lens, documenting my entire life through a camera. I am a scrapbook fanatic and lately getting back into my digital scrapbooking. But I am tired of bad shots.

I use to have a wall of pictures in my bedroom as a kid, from ceiling to floor and side to side. Instead of wallpaper, the faces of my family members and closest friends stared back at me. They were all badly taken, blurry, and grainy but they were photos nonetheless. Now, I have a whole shelf full of various photo albums, scrapbooks, both digital and the good old fashion ones, made with paper cutouts and little embellishments but all contain bad photography skills. Even with all this practice I am non the wiser on how to take good photos.

Since I started blogging, I have come across so many amazing photos of other bloggers’ kids. I am envying these mommies who can snap up amazing photos of their kids and capture the perfect moment with the perfect lighting from the perfect angles. My kids move too much so the pictures turn out blurry or I don’t take it fast enough and they close their eyes. Something is always in the background taking  your attention away from the beautiful smiling baby which usually are dirty clothes or left behind toys just thrown about. I long to be able to just capture my two kids’ special moments without being embarrassed to show them off on my blog.

I have been looking online for some beginner courses to take but I only have a 25mm digital camera at the moment and a lot of them say for DSLR. I am still trying to learn what the difference is between the two, besides their size. There are so many wonderful photography blogs out there, and I have been trying to read and learn from them all.

So today, I tried a few tips I learned last night on Missy Moo & Buba. (mostly MM because she is more cooperative than Buba). 

Let me know what you think of how good or bad my photography skills are coming along. I was trying to play with the natural light and angle in these. Would love any and all feedback, criticism, and guidance, just comment below.


*working with angle here from above


*for some reason this one came out blurry around his eyes



* I love close ups of baby’s eyelashes/eyes unfortunately there are distractions in the background.


* had to capture this, Buba wanted in the picture, which is VERY rare.


* this is my second fav, I used lighting from a window and I love that she is not looking at the camera.


* I was attempting to use the light from outside as he opened the door, grainy though.


*who can resist a good selfie, although it came out a bit grainy

So there you have it, my first trial run of testing different lighting and angles with my camera on my kids. I’m looking forward to tips, advice, or critiques to help me along the way. Alternatively if you know any great beginner courses in the NW UK please do let me know!


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    • For some reason your comment went to my spam eeek, only glad I checked. Thanks. I have a lot to learn still. I am playing around with a borrow DSLR and my new point and shoot I got for xmas. I wish the weather would buck up so we can go to the park and test outside photos. They are always best.

    • I struggle taking pictures of food too. I had started out posting a lot of my favorite recipes but my food pictures looked awful so I stopped. It seems a lot of photographers have white space and less what I call distractions or noise in the background. Maybe my home is just too cluttered. I can’t find one wall that’s plain and clear of radiators couches chairs toys etc!!! Yes definitely journey together.

  1. Your kids are so gorgeous! All smiley! Iยดm also just getting into photography and usually watch some youtube tutorials and just subscribed to a magazine…

    • Thank you. They are so much fun at the moment. Magazine, that’s a great idea. I should have a look. If you find any great tips. Do share and tag me in so I can learn too. lol I am reading Mamarazzi right now, trying to learn how to take better pictures of my kids.

  2. Some really lovely shots, I love the one of your son at the back door! My hubby bought me an online photography course off Groupon. I keep tipping into it, us need to set myself some time to really get to grips with it. I got photo envy too xx

  3. I haven’t got any advice to offer really other than to take lots, even then my skills aren’t that great. My husband is always grumbling at me because I take hundreds of photos a week but only a handful of them are good, that’s my trick! I love these ones you’ve taken though, especially the selfie. It’s gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you. It’s a huge work in progress. My house is horrible for lighting so I struggle to get them when they aren’t noticing the camera and playing. Natural photos. I do take hundreds too. I may get one good one out of a weeks worth. My toddler is harder to get to smile and stay still. Hahaha oh I have the grumbling husband too. Hates pictures. Lol so most of mine are of the kids. Would more of the whole family or me and the hubster.


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