A letter to Him & Her in March

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This year, I started writing letters to my children on a monthly basis instead of the weekly letters I used to write. Not because I don’t have the time for it but they are reaching an age that milestones are not being passed each week, things are steady and similar from week to week. I used to love writing to them at a time they may not remember our weekly adventures or special moments. Even though they may start to recall now, I don’t want to stop. I love looking back at our relationship together as much as I hope they will when they get older. 

March seem to have come out of nowhere and blurred and almost over already. The kids are loving the warmer temperatures and more chances to get outside for Spring. It’s been a busy time for us as a family but also for the kids individually. MM is talking more and more everyday, and B is finding his place at school with older children and attitude. Both kids have really grown up physically and emotional all the sudden this month. If only Mommy could keep up.a letter to him and her in march letters to my children

My Dearest B,

Where do I start my little Buba? It’s not been an easy month with you this month. I am not going to lie. Your emotions have been absolutely everywhere. Things have really been upsetting you, getting you frustrated and you have really been in the mood to tease your sister. It came all the sudden, more than just a usual tease here or there. It seems I am constantly turning around trying to explain to you what you are doing wrong, nagging you, or trying to understand what’s wrong through your sobs. It’s the first time I have actually questioned my parenting skills this month with you. It has been rethinking how we discipline you and your sister and if it’s something at home that’s really got you worked up about everything or school. I know you are more sensitive than others and always have been which I have said is a great quality that shows you have a big heart. Whether it’s a stage you need to go through, I hope you find a way or I find a way to control and understand your outbursting emotions. I hate seeing you so sad. With this in mind though, I have to give you a high five for doing so well in school your first year. We are more than half way through it and you are showing so much progress and still have that eagerness to learn more and more everyday. I couldn’t be a more proud Momma. So even though emotionally we are struggling against one another, this month always remember how much I love you and how proud I am of you and how proud of yourself you should be for all that you have accomplished this month. 

Love, Mommy xoxo a letter to him and her in march letters to my children

My Dearest MM,

Well, little monkey you are full of energy, beans and constantly smiles. This month when illness has grabbed you, you smile and work through it. I know my days of you testing me are coming. I know that you are not yet three and it will be just around the corner. In the meantime, I have been soaking up all our one on one time together during the week this year as you soon will follow your brother to school next year. The house will feel so empty without your giggles. You are talking and learning better and more everyday. Your voice is changing into that little girl tone and the baby coos are behind us. I think you will be tall as you have grown so much this month alone. People often mistake you for a four year old instead of two and half. It makes it hard to keep you little as long as possible with your independence and love for doing things yourself. As my last baby, I wish it would slow down. You have been a loving sister while your brother struggles with emotions you are ready to give him his favorite toy to try to cheer him up or give him space when he needs it most. You have a heart of gold. You are still so shy when it comes to your swimming teacher or gymnastics coach talking to you. It’s interesting to have a shy child when I am the total opposite. I don’t push you to talk to people you should feel comfortable with. I know  you will in your own time when you are ready. You have been a little more clingy to Mommy lately but I have to say I am soaking the extra cuddles up. The exciting part though is seeing your personality coming to light. Lately, little corks have been showing themselves. It’s highly entertaining to Mommy and Daddy watching you become you. I am so grateful to be your Momma. 

Love, Mommy xoxo

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