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Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:30 am

What I love most about instagram besides the inspiring, beautiful photos captured is that those very captures stand for a moment. Life is about taking those moments to cherish the little things, the big things, the simple and complex things, the things that surround you and stand before you. I love scanning through instagram seeing people taking a moment with their loved ones, with their home decor, with their coffee or tea, and so many varieties of a moment in between. 

#Lifecloseup is an instagram community I started to share these moments zoomed in. Those little details that we may not always focus on but that are just as important and inspirational to share. I am just over the moon how many are joining in each week with the hashtag and getting to know so many more instagrammers in the process. I can’t thank you all enough. If you haven’t had a chance I hope you will check it out and join us. In the meantime, please help me give these feeds so super love for their great captures on #lifecloseup this week, great moments.


Taking a moment #lifecloseup an instagram community

loveashleykatrina, tinboxtraveller, astylishsomething

lazydaisyjones,  innocentcharmschats, saraandcatherinestales 

emilie_inc,  lifeasourlittlefamily, katgotthecream

I have been really overhelmed with catching up with work, family, preparing for Easter holidays in Ireland, decorating the house and things not being delivered on time or right, and my to do list are never ending. Of course, this means my instagram is really suffering. I am so sad as it normally is more full of the kids laughing and playing and outfits I am wearing or less grainy shots of the house. Where does all the time go? I hope you all still are enjoying following me while I still try to share our everyday zoomed in moments along the crazy path of life. 

MY OWN CAPTURES FOR THIS WEEK’S #LIFECLOSEUP:Taking a moment #lifecloseup an instagram communityfollow me on instagram button #lifecloseup

Do you like capturing your life zoomed in? How about taking a moment to enjoy something zoomed in each day as a challenge. It’s fun to see what you focus on when it’s at the forefront of your mind. Come join us! 


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