Pregnancy Announcements on social media: Do or Don’t?

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:12 pm

How did you announce your pregnancy  Announcement Announcing your pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in your life but it also can be a worrying, scary time for some too. With social media at the front of everything, there are so many different ways to announce your exciting news. While some still prefer to share their pregnancy announcements in person with family and close friends others are searching for unique ways to announce their pregnancy on social media. Each year, I think the percentage of people announcing their pregnancy on social media, in a creative way, gets higher.

I have teamed up with George At Asda to share my own pregnancy announcements along with 10 other amazing mommy bloggers here sharing their own experiences and how they feel about pro sharing or anti sharing pregnancy announcements on social media.

I shared quite a lot of my pregnancy on social media. As an expat it was a way for my family and friends back home to feel apart of our growing family. There were bump pictures, nursery preparations, and everything that goes with getting ready for a baby on my social media feeds. We did keep names we loved closer to our heart and chose not to share them.

I announced my first pregnancy about 50/50 in person, or calling then on social media. We had our immediate family (the four parents) on a conference call and told them all at the same time. I would have loved to tell everyone in person by we are expats and didn’t have that option. For friends, we announced it on social media with a photo of our first scan photo. As a blogger and an expat, I like to share our life journey online and it gives my family and friends back home a chance to keep up with our everyday lives and still feel apart of it.

When I found out I was pregnant the second time, I couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone. I was relying on social media more and more to stay connected to love ones afar so I would say my second pregnancy announcement was more of a surprise reveal on social media than my first one.  It was wonderful to have everyone join in our celebration of growing our family both close to us and online friends too. I am very open with my life so this didn’t bother me. I know some of my friends would prefer to keep this special time private and be cautious. I think it’s a personal decision and everyone is different. I know if something was to happen that my online and offline friends and family would be there to support me through it. 

Having said all that I still think grandparents deserved to be the first to know before social media and friends. I can’t imagine my mother finding out via twitter I am having a baby so even though we did share our second pregnancy more on social media, all grandparents were told beforehand. It gave them a sense of how important they were to us and how close we felt to them. I think its special to personally share that moment with our parents. However, I would hope that none of our friends felt loved less when they discovered our amazing news on social media. It would cost a lot of money even calling every single family member and friend from abroad to announce our pregnancy so I think social media actually helped me celebrate the news easier. If we didn’t have social media, it would have felt a lot more lonely in my celebrations. 

So I would definitely class myself as pro sharing pregnancy announcements on social media. What is more beautiful than creating a life and sharing that news? Each pregnancy is a little miracle to bless our lives with. I would find it too hard to keep that miracle a secret. I am very open with my own life on social media and my children are apart of me so I find it natural to share all about them on social media too, right from the very beginning. 

How did you announce your pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing to experience. Sharing it with the world is special in its own way. You instantly get people from all over the world celebrating you and celebrating your baby news. You also have a whole world of support at your finger tips. Night or day you can be sure someone will listen, someone will be there to answer a question especially if it’s your first baby, and it’s a stream of support long after you have the baby too.

For me, my first pregnancy I was an expat mother, didn’t know many people, didn’t have family close to me and I felt lost. When I started blogging, and getting involved with social media, I instantly had a place to go for answers, for friendship, for support, for guidance and for reassurance from parents across the globe. I couldn’t think of a better way to share my pregnancy announcements and sharing my experience in becoming a mother.

6 thoughts on “Pregnancy Announcements on social media: Do or Don’t?”

  1. I didn’t do much on social media really when I was pregnant – apart from the obligatory FB update. I love all the pregnancy announcements though! x

    • I think if I had been blogging when I was pregnant I would have done a lot more but totally understand people keeping that private journey to themselves too.

  2. I started my blog in my last pregnancy so naturally more has been shared on social media then and this time too. With the 1st 2 I think It was one or 2 bump pics and an announcement. I think I enjoy reading them, though after loosing our daughter it was like everyone was pregnant and that was hard to see.
    I was certainly conscious of that this time and used a sensitive approach to sharing it x

    • Yes it does help when we blog that we naturally share more. I have had a few friends say that that have has miscarriages or that are trying ivf I can imagine it gets so tough seeing it all on social media all the time. If I ever had a third I definitely would be sensitive about how much I was bump spamming the world. It’s hard to find the right balance sometimes isn’t it? What to share and what is over sharing?

  3. I like them too! I never shared mine as I wasn’t blogging back then but I do think they’re cute – plus they are a way of keeping those memories of that special time! However, as I had an early miscarriage once too I would probably wait until past my first scan if I was doing it again xx


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