Letters to him & her ~ #6

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Letters to him & her writing to my children


Buba, my dearest, sweatpant loving, first born this week you are giving Mommy and Daddy a run for their money. Something about you has switched and things you never do are happening more frequently. I feel like I have done nothing but be that shouty mommy that I said I would never be. (I said that pre-toddlers). I can be Mary Poppins, all the time. I hate when I have to keep reminding you to stop pushing your sister, and to stop grabbing her face, or stop kicking her and stealing her toys. While I know this is normal between siblings I am constantly having to harp on you lately and it makes me feel guilty. Guilty that we only have a few more months until you are at school all day (I know you are so ready) but I want to spend quality time with you while I can and I feel guilty that most of this time is now being spent putting you on the naughty step and taking away your toys. I know you are cabin fevered like the rest of us but I wish you would listen just a little bit more lately and realize you could really hurt your sister pushing her head first off the couch. Yes, you did that this week and gave Mommy a fright, it’s a good thing your sister thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I know you don’t mean actual harm but sometimes I think you forget she is still your baby sister and not your age!Letters to him & her writing to my children


Missy Moo, my gorgeous, little princess slash daredevil, you continue to amuse me at the moment. One moment you are wanting your hair done, dresses on and dancing around the living room and the next you want to be outside on your scooter and roughing the cold with your hat on. I love that you are a little mix of princess and daredevil even if it makes my heart stop on most days. You have no fear and when you fall off, you get right back up and try again. I am constantly saying you look and are like your brother at every milestone but this tiny little part of you is nothing like him. You never give up and sometimes that can be a real frustration to me (especially when it’s goodies you don’t need but have to have) but in other ways it’s a great attribute to have growing up with motivation and goals. You know your mind and what it wants. You have also been playing shadow with your brother this week. I thought it was cute at first to want the same cup and bowl as him, the same foods as him, the same hat as him, but now it’s become a “mommy has to do exactly everything for both or hell breaks lose” kind of week. Silly me for buying you a jam sandwhich and your brother a cheese one, silly me for giving him a purple bowl and you a yellow one, silly me for giving him a bigger blanket than you on the couch to watch a movie. This “shadow game” has turned into Mommy having to make sure everything is exactly alike. I guess it’s only fair and I should have known better. You want to grow up so fast and I get so emotional when you try to act your brother’s age. You are 1, he is 3, and I don’t want to miss out on those 22 months between you that you need to experience. Please don’t grow up too fast on me, you are my last baby. 

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12 thoughts on “Letters to him & her ~ #6”

  1. I think we have similar moments going on, Addison is being much like Buba, I am hoping it is an age thing and as quick as it appeared it will disappear, I miss her, I hate always shouting and being that Mummy, my heart is with you xx

    • Thanks Kara. I know I really hope it’s a phase too. I hate being that shouting momma but also believe in discipline and sticking to house rules. Hahaha catch 22 to spend lovely quality Time with a toddler yeah? Hahaha

  2. Lovely photos as always Jenny, Missy Moo sounds like such a little character and I love her style, super cute mittens! Even with all the squabbles it is lovely to have two close in age and watch they change and develop as the weeks pass. I always think the same with mine even when they are driving me mad fighting!! It is nice that they have each other #livingarrows

  3. I have a threenager too. Complete with sweatpants. So I know how you feel about having to use your shouty mummy voice more than you’d like. I just keep telling myself that everything is a phase and pretty soon we’ll be on to the next one.

    Your photos are beautiful Jenny. Buba looks so grown-up (and a smidge like that little boy in Jerry Maguire!) and Missy-Moo, oh I love that she’s equal parts princess and daredevil. Such a fun combination.


    • Thanks Vickie. Hahah I have had six people say that today alone. He gets that and the Stuart Little comment daily. lol It’s the glasses. They are fun and keeping us on our toes all the time. Oh the sweat pant phase may it quickly past.


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