What’s in my handbag?

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:18 am

Before I had children I had a handbag obsession. I loved the high designer bags right down to the grocery store ones too. Something I never pondered before I had children was how much my handbag was going to change and it’s contents within it forever evolving!

When I had my son, Buba, I wanted the latest diaper bag and packed it full of every ‘essential’ you could think of for a baby. It was heavy, bulky and hard to carry with all that unnecessary extra baby items in it. I was a first time mom and wanted to be prepared. Then I had my daughter, Missy Moo, and I got a little wiser as I then had to pack for two babies as Buba was still in diapers. I got smart and took the bare essentials when I had to pack for two. It’s the only way it will all fit in any bag even the travel size diaper bag.

Now, I am back to packing for one baby and I love diaper bags that are also handbags to use long after I am done packing those diapers and wipes around.

Here is “What’s in my handbag” now. What's in my handbag?

*2 x Bottles of Water

*Emergency Snack(s)

*Diapers & Wipes (of course!)

*Buba’s epi pen, inhaler and medicines (aka our first aid kit)

* Extra outfit & boxers (baby or toddler could have an accident)

*Wallet & Keys

* Iphone (fully charged for those app games)

*A small toy to occupy depending on where we are headed

I like to keep my bag light and organized. I am carrying a baby and pulling a toddler along side me I don’t need anymore weight than necessary on my back. My bag has a shoulder strap and stroller clips so it’s handy wherever I go. I also love that I can use it for my gym bag and overnight bag for a girlie weekend away.

What’s in your handbag? How much has your contents and bag changed since you became a parent?

I know that this won’t be the last set of essentials  in my bag, in my parenting life. I know as they grow up my contents will evolve with them. Hopefully the size will minimize too but I have always been partial to oversize handbags anyways just usually not so full!

Baby Essential Must Pack Items changing bagAre you preparing your handbag for a day out with your little one, here are some M&S Baby essentials I just adore and you will find perfect for your bag. Or even a new summer bag? You can still stay in fashion with a lovely M&S changing bag like the one above. It’s one of my favorites for a spring/summer look!

You can never be too prepared but don’t be caught out without the bare essentials, I have been there one too many times. Always check your bag before you ‘grab and go” is my main advice. I have thought I had a pack of wipes or an extra pair of tights in my bag before and been caught short. I guess, it’s always a great excuse to come home with new clothes!

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