Pregnancy: 33 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:43 pm

I never wanted my first two pregnancies to end as much as I was excited for each baby’s arrival I loved being pregnant so much. It’s been a different experience this time being older for starters, had pre-existing health problems right before I got pregnant and overall a lot more pregnancy symptoms that I never experienced in my other ones. SPD showed up this week too. I had it only for a week with my son so I knew right away what it was but it’s so much earlier this time. I am hoping it’s a fluke and it won’t last the last weeks entirely. So I am finding myself wanting the baby here already.

After seeing his cute face on my 4D Scan the other week, I can’t stop thinking about having him here now. I feel guilty wanting my pregnancy to end early but I am too excited for baby number three to arrive. I wonder if he will be early or late, what he will be like with his siblings and them with him. It’s weird to think about having three children when I only have two arms. Will he be a great feeder and sleeper or will I be in for it on my final baby round. My last pregnancy hasn’t proven to be easy so let’s hope I am in for a good baby to make up for it.



This week the number one question everyone is asking me: “How many weeks left?”

It’s funny how we count up towards our due date until we hit about thirty weeks and then somewhere along the lines people start counting down to the due date instead of up. It’s now more about how many weeks do I have left rather how many weeks I am pregnant.


Oh there is all sorts going on with my body this week. Without mentioned the “v” word and no it’s not vagina. hahaha I won’t continue to bore you with my vertigo struggles again this week. But man is my bump low, big, feeling heavy and doing somethings I haven’t experienced before in my first two pregnancies. What I can only assume are braxon hicks, they are feeling like regular daily mini contractions. One’s where I have to stop what I am doing and take a few breathes in. I never had them before and they aren’t the friendly experience. Just another sign that it’s not long until baby arrives.



I want sugar all the sudden which is definitely not like me. It’s always salt and savory foods that I crave even when I am not pregnant. I dreamt the other night about lafty tafty and salt water taffy two of my favorite candies from America and woke up needing to buy skittles, starburst, and some kind of maoam uk sweet that is now on my radar. Oops. Not wise at the end of my pregnancy when I can’t work out at the minute to go on a sugar binge.


My bag is by the door, the car seat is ready, and the kids know what’s about to happen if baby shows up and who they will be taken care of by while I am in the hospital. Everyone knows the plan of action including Daddy. We are hoping he isn’t too far or stuck in a meeting with his phone off when it happens as it’s usually a quick experience. We both have this weird feeling he will miss this one if baby doesn’t arrive at night like the first two did.

I am ready!


6 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 33 Weeks Bump Watch”

  1. I craved sweet things too and I am a savoury tooth but with the boys i wanted lots of tropical fruit, lemonade ice lollies and Turkish delight. Ah such an exciting time for you all and not long to go now x

  2. Jenny, you look gorgeous, not long at all until baby boy is here. I always craved citrus fruits with my two pregnancies, with O I wanted anything orange and lemons with G, although they gave me heartburn which was a bit of a pain! x

  3. Oh wow Jenny, from reading this it really does seem that you are into the home stretch now. Like Chloe said, your cravings are telling you what you’re body needs so don’t feel guilty for ‘giving in’ to them. I’m so excited for you! x

  4. Oh Jenny!!!!! It’s SO exciting!!!! I craved Snickers at the end of my pregnancy with the twins — Snickers and chocolate milk!!! It made me smile that you mentioned Salt Water Taffy — I love the stuff too — it reminds me of visiting our friends on Cape Cod!! Not long now honey 🙂 You’ll soon be a family of 5!!! xx

  5. Oh Jenny SPD is the worst! I had it from 30 weeks with all three of my girls and I was in agony. For that reason I was always willing my pregnancies to be over and never found childbirth too bad – because I’d put up with the SPD pain for 10-12 weeks already. Sounds like you guys are all ready and totally prepared for the big day. Tell baby to stay put for a few more weeks though xxx


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