March Me & Mine Family Project

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:43 pm

March Me & Mine Family Project photo project

This month has been the slowest month for me. Normally, I am saying how fast it is blurring by us and how fast my pregnancy is going. Normally, we are so busy that there is no time to even think about how fast time actually is flying by us. With some health problems between myself (not baby) and B we have been in and out of doctor’s offices, hospitals and test after test for various reasons. It’s made us put a halt to our family adventures and for me I haven’t been able to even drive for two weeks now. To say, I am frustrated is an understatement. But as with anything in life, I try to stay as positive and fun for the kids as I possibly can in light of it all.

We have been lucky to get a few sunny days in the back yard which has proven it’s massive garden renovation last year worth every penny. It’s a little sun trap with little to no wind so we have had our bouncy castle up after school and playdates as I can’t get the kids anywhere by myself so many friends have been over to play instead. The school moms and neighbors have been so helpful too. I feel so grateful for everyone jumping in to help us. Thought I would have to be asking for favors when I gave birth not beforehand. Fingers cross, once baby is here things get a bit smoother and they can give me stronger medicine. In the meantime, we are celebrating the fact that seven weeks or so baby will be here.

The house is ready, I am ready and the kids are more than ready. It’s so exciting and gives us all something to countdown to and look forward to. I can’t wait for baby snuggles and meeting our last addition to our little growing family. Our dynamics are about to change for the better and the kids having stopped asking, “will baby come today?” It’s worse than telling them Christmas is around the corner the questions are endless all day, every day. I know one baby that’s going to be loved beyond belief by these two kiddos.

March Me & Mine Family Project photo project

March Me & Mine Family Project photo project


Creating a fun and tasty Garden Baby Shower Tablescape.

A day out in Southport and a new favorite restaurant.

The supportive on instagram from my constant whining has been amazing and on days I can’t do anything kept me company too.


Sunny day of golf.

Getting a week off for Easter with the family.

Two day golf trip coming up in Scotland. (it’s always a pattern golf is his life).


All the playdates with friends at our house.

Countdown to baby’s arrival with sister.

Looking back our our Disney World Hotel and Epcot Videos (over and over, thanks for the traffic kid).


Countdown to baby’s arrival with brother.

Bouncy Castle fun in the garden.

Helping Mommy decorate the nursery, ready for baby.


All the rest and down time Mommy is having.

Rolling and kicking around in my belly constantly.

Salty foods and cajun steaks.

March Me & Mine Family Project photo project

While we don’t have a lot to report this month. The kids are growing like weeds and accelerating at school. We had a really positive parents evening for both kids which we are always so proud of. I love that they both love learning and school. We are at that stop at the end of my pregnancy where it’s been speeding fast through the months and can’t believe he is almost here but then at the end it seems like it’s taking forever because we are all too excited to meet little man himself. We have a family bet going on whether he will be so early like his sister or so late like his older brother. The verdict is out.

Thanks for reading and following along our family adventures each month. We love showcasing them in photos and videos and sharing them with family and friends as much as sharing them on here with all of you. I hope you will continue to follow along as our family grows and changes together.

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  1. Ah love these with your beautiful bump! 9 months is a long time for us adults, let alone how long it must feel for the children to have to meet their new sibling. I hope these next weeks pass quickly and without drama for you. Have a lovely Easter x

  2. I know you’re disappointed about not being out much but I do hope some down time is allowing you to enjoy the pregnancy just a little. Hopefully things go smoothly x

  3. What a lovely glowing bump, and an exciting time to be nearly ready for your latest arrival. Sorry to hear you’ve been having health worries, hope you feel better soon.


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