Ten Things to Plan this Summer for your Family

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How are you going to plan this summer for your family? Don’t worry, we have you covered. If there is one thing my little family of five love more than anything in summer time apart from amazing sunny weather is making a “summer to do list”. Each family member gets to throw in ideas of what they want to accomplish, try, make, create, and places to go during the summer holidays and we draw out of a hat ten things to do and add them to our plans for summer for our family.

Here is the guide of how we organise our summer holidays so that everyone is happy all summer long.

Ten Things to Plan this Summer for your Family:

Family holidays abroad

1. Bake or Cook in a Unique, Fun Way

The first thing my daughter asks me every year when summer comes around is what new thing will we try to bake this year mommy. We love finding new recipes together but I also love that my boys love to get involved too. We usually end up with flour all over us or sauce down the front of us and the kitchen gets a good cover of ingredients and cooking devices scattered upon it. But my kids love to bake and cook. They love to learn about food. They love to eat what they have created with their own two hands. I hope that’s always the case as they become preteens now. But we make baking and cooking fun. We put loud music on in the kitchen. We might stop in between measuring to have a little kitchen disco. It’s not just about the measuring and food it’s about the experience together. We have been known to wear silly aprons and funny hats and dress up in costumes first too. Think outside the oven and fridge and get creative!

2. Explore a new Park or National Trust site.

My kids love a good park. I love the exercise we all get and even better if you have National Trust sites near you too. They are usually amazing for things to do, places to explore, and just being outdoors in the fresh air. I don’t know about your family but mine are happiest outdoors all summer long. And it keeps them off those devices.

3. Family Holidays Abroad

Treat the family to a holiday abroad if you can. Have everyone put in a hat some ideas where they want to visit and draw out your destination. Or sit down and talk it out and see what you come up with. Kids love being involved in the planning. We have always traveled abroad during the summer months to see my family back in USA. I am so grateful that we have been able to continue to share the big wide world with my three kids. It’s something I will never take for granted, ever. But it does take planning and organising to do it so if you need help check out family holidays abroad for planning this summer’s holidays.

4. Go Glamping or Camping for the Weekend

Who doesn’t love camping? Ok some, so there is always glamping which is amazing too. But it’s the first thing I think of when someone asks for ideas for summer holidays. We camp every summer. It’s my fave time of the summer and my kids fave thing to do. I secretly think it’s because they can run wild in the woods, crazy on the beach, and be dirty and stay up late roasting marshmallows on the fire, every night.

There are amazing glamping and camping sites to choose from…go for a week or more or perhaps just a quick weekend getaway. Doesn’t have to be long to make those amazing memories last forever.

After enjoying a weekend of glamping or camping, why not consider something different for the kids this summer? For instance, enrolling them in gymnastics camp for kids can be a wonderful experience. These camps are a great way for children to learn new skills in a structured environment and make friends.

5. Create a Craft Project Together or Build Something New

Being creative is a child’s best friend but it can be a great outlet for us busy parents too. There are so many amazing craft kids out there too if you aren’t the crafty type of parent, trust me I am not either. Those kits are amazing for parents like us. I usually get them from Baker Ross. Cheap and cheerful. Or build something new. Buy a really hard lego set or 3D puzzle that the whole family has to work together to build over a course of the summer holidays. We did the Harry Potter 3D cardboard castle and it took our entire summer last year to finish it, just doing a little bit after dinner each night. The kids loved it. I loved it.

Family crafts this summer together

6. Read a Family Story Together (No matter what age you are)

You are never too old to be read to…said one of my high school English teachers. She pledged that every person should be read to their whole lives long into old age. I agree with her. Pick a story genre that everyone will be interested in and take turns reading chapters together out loud. We have done this since my kids were born and my eldest is eleven years old and still loves it. I even had my teenage Neice stay over for awhile and join us and loved it.

7. Build a Fort and Have a Family Sleepover in the Living Room (Even if you have teenagers)

They don’t have to be toddlers or primary school age to love and appreciate a good fort and a sleepover, even if it’s just with their parents. Children need to know we can focus on being kids still ourselves and playing with them no matter how young or old they are. I have the best memories of sleepovers with my parents and aunties and uncles even on the living room floor. It’s a great way to bond with extended family members too. It’s also summer time and breaking up the bedtime routine of sleeping in their rooms is exciting.

8. Treat the Family to New Restaurant or Introduce them to New Cuisine

Food is such a good way to bond with your kids. Not just baking and cooking that I mentioned earlier but trying new foods together. It’s also a great way to teach them about food and the benefits of eating healthy but still love eating food out in a positive way. Try a new restaurant or a new cuisine they have never tried before. Canterbury restaurants can be your next adventure!

9. Plan a Day Out that is 100% about the Kids

It doesn’t have to cost anything to go out. Plan a day at the beach. Or perhaps just a walk around your local area but make it 100% about the kids. Whether they are young or old, every child wants their parents undivided attention and with work and busy lives that’s really hard to give. Ask them where they want to go. Maybe a movie or a theme park if you can swing it.

10. Make a Day of the Week Family Game Night

With no school in the mornings, why not have new family game night on a Wednesday to break up the week. Or if you already have family game night in your routine get some new games to try out together. It may seem like a chore to get everyone involved at times especially in summer but once you start playing and have some bribing treats on the side they will love it and it’s bonding time they won’t forget.


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