First Family Road Trip in England

Last updated on July 28th, 2020 at 10:43 am

We have travelled the world by taxis, buses, planes and trains but we had yet to take a family road trip until now. Funny enough we have another one coming up in three weeks too. We love first experiences together. You never fully know how it’s going to go but you are excited for the journey anyways. We packed the car with our cases and bedding and made our way down south in the UK to see some friends for the weekend. We prepared for the journey to take longer than the 3 and half hours that google estimate. So glad we did because Friday after school rush hour and a closed motorway meant it took 6 and half hours instead. Didn’t bother us, we had food and snacks packed, coloring, stickers, and car games ready, and even the ipad for a movie before bedtime in the car. I don’t mind driving far places everywhere back home is a few hours drive so for me this was nothing.

I was so impressed with the kids. They even went to bed almost exactly their own bedtime with their blankets over their heads to create their  blackout sleeping requirements. See video, they really did do this and they really did fall right to sleep when they did it. It was hilarious. 

We got to our friends late so we chucked the kids to bed and stayed up far too late like you do catching up with the adults. Sleepovers are the best. Come morning time all five kids were so excited to see each other. The house came alive. The two cats hid is protest to the noise and pattering feet. 

The weather couldn’t have been better. It was cold and raining back home and I woke up to find the sun beating on my face. It was amazing. The kids were giggling in the paddling pool while the BBQ was being attended to by Chef Rich and my friend Lucy and I sat back and soaked in the sound of summer around us.

We (adults only) may have even sipped Strawberry Pimms feeling on top of the world. Ate delicious BBQ food and then had our very own mini disco on the patio before bath, stories, and bedtime. Another great night and amazing late cuddles from Quinny and I was ready for bed myself. 

While I didn’t bring my big camera out as I wanted to just be with friends and make memories I did have a few snaps of these adorable people we call kids on my iphone. They aren’t the best quality but there are memories and that’s all that matters here. 

Our First Family Road Trip in England to Essex

It’s amazing what having our lives online has done for us. I have met life long friends who have kids that my kids adore too. We have so many new experiences like this one that we might never would have otherwise done. It brings amazing people into our lives, new adventures to seek out, and best of all we get to document them here to look back on in the future. I love that about blogging. It goes in full circles.

We had the best road trip to see our friends for the weekend. Hopefully it won’t be our last. I love having us all together and watch the kids bond and the various dynamics between each child whether it’s the boys playing or the girls or even the eldest and youngest playing. I think B was even sweet on Everly and vice versa which was adorable to see. We can home grateful, thankfully and sun kissed. I call that a great weekend.

Our road trip home was smooth on Sunday. Only took 3 and half hours and no traffic. We stopped twice for bathroom breaks and food. I always plan out our trips with plenty of things to do in the car and keep us occupied. The kids didn’t complain once or ask are we there yet which was a good sign for road trips ahead.

We have an nine hour road trip coming up soon hopefully they will be just as golden and know it’s always worth it when we get to our destination. A huge thanks to Lucy for welcoming us into her new house which is stunning with her beautiful family. We had the best time.

Where have you been on a road trip with your kids? Was it smooth sailing or a disaster story? – do tell!

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