The Siblings Project {July 2017}

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It’s summer time and we have hit the middle of July with these two siblings. We are now settling in America at my parents. The sun is blazing and we have kick started our summer holiday with a massive family reunion yesterday. It’s so good to be home and to see all my family and friends. 

The kids have been struggling with jetlag for a few days so my eyes are heavy but my heart is full. Watching the kids play with their cousins, second cousins and even some third cousins too. Our family is huge and we are all so close right from my grandpa and all his siblings and all their children’s children. Each generation has stayed in touch and comes home for the summer. 

Right before we left the UK, we were getting glimpses of summer there too. We found a new park near us that was absolutely gorgeous and I can’t believe it took six years for us to find it. We spent the best Father’s Day there and a chilled out Sunday before we left. We live very busy lives so we are all ready for some chilled out, family time, the four of us together. 

A lot will be changing between these two siblings in September. They both will be school kids. I somehow think this will bring them closer and that they will have more in common to share and talk about when they get home from school. While I am so emotional over my last baby not being home with me, I am excited too for these two to have field trips together and fun on the school play ground together. They will be in infants for two years together so numerous chances to see each other during the day as it’s a very small school that does a lot of interchangeable class times. I can’t wait to pick them up from school and listen to the stories of their days. 

In the meantime, we are making the most of this summer as we do each year to see and spend as much time with family as possible. To be in the sun and explore, hike, bike, fish, float, camp, swim as much as possible too. It always recharges our batteries and prepares us for winter in the UK. These two are always the best of friends when they are here together. They rely a lot on each other when the cousins are not here. They spend endless hours in the pool making up water games. The sound of them giggling and running through the sprinkle in the front yard is the very best summer sound ever. I wish I could bottle it up and sell it. 


Swimming in Grandma’s pool.

Flying to America and going to Iceland along the way.

Playing with their cousins.

Using their new slip and slide 

The sunshine!

We are looking forward to our summer adventures and sharing them all with you. Do come over to instagram and check out my ig stories each day for daily updates. With an eight hour time difference it makes sharing a bit difficult for my UK followers so don’t forget to turn on notifications for us so you don’t miss out. 

These two little siblings are so lucky to live in two countries, two cultures, and experience two worlds each year. I feel so grateful and blessed that I am able to give that and experience it along with them. I often wonder when they are older will they ever move to another country completely different than they have lived in and their child experience such an adventure too.

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    • We do! It’s been brilliant so far still three more weeks and many adventures on our list to do. Each summer is so busy but so amazing too. We are so grateful for this time at my family’s house back home every year.

    • Thanks America had been amazing as always we always top ourselves with our adventures. Hope the kids remember these early days of their summer visits there. Thanks lovely.

    • Thanks lovely I just hope at this age they will remember all these adventures we have had in the states. I know in the next few years they will but at 4 and 6 years old I often wonder how much they will remember either way my brain and this blog have them down for them to recall later. So much fun here every summer so grateful for it all.


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