The Best Family Entertainment Day Out in Manchester with Beyond

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Manchester is such a beautiful city with so much to offer. We have lived here twelve years now and with three children we are always looking for great family entertainment. With the celebrations of Beyond’s 1st birthday, we went for a family day out in Manchester to help them celebrate the multi-million pound refurbishment next to the Trafford Centre. Those of us from the area have seen, heard, or even been to Chill Factore which has been rebranded to Beyond but did you know what else is there?

Our Family Day Out in Manchester…

We were blown away with how much there is to do for little and big kids. With a family of five we are always looking for a variety of activities so we all can have fun. So what did we get up to at Beyond Manchester?

The Lift Up Cafe Beyond Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day Out

The Lift Up Cafe 

We started off the day with latte and frothy milk for the kids at The Lift Up Cafe. It’s a trendy little cafe with some delicious pastries and treats too. It was a great way to be welcomed into Beyond and kick start our day out.

Hoverboard World at Breezeboard Pro

The kids were ever so excited to try hoverboarding at Hoverboard World at Breezeboard Pro. We were greeted by the lovely owners who run the shop. It’s a family ran business which I love. Right away the kids were giddy with the thought of racing together. After a safety chat, helmets and gloves the older two hopped on and went for it. I was surprised that MM lapped her older brother by a few laps, quickly. We are a very competitive family so this was right up our street. Baby O loved watching with all the vibrant colors and music booming.

The track is just a little swirling track but they get going pretty fast. It took my two a few times to get the hang of the controls and then they were off. At the end each child gets the track to themselves and see what their best score is in three laps.

Hoverboard World Breezeboard pro Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day Out

It’s a great place to book parties too. With three kids’ parties to book we are always looking for different ideas for the kids to do. They take small parties up to 12 kids. I will probably book this for B’s birthday next year we had that much fun. The kids were rewarded with goodie bags and Hoverboard World Certificates. What child doesn’t love an award? (or adult?)

Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day Out

Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day Out

Chill Factore

Next up, we took to the slopes in more ways than one at the infamous Chill Factore. From sledding to skiing lessons, we got into the snow. B and I had a taster ski lesson which we had such a great time together. It was the first for all of us. While we were doing our lesson, Daddy, MM and Baby O took to Mini Moose Land for a snow play.It’s a tiny little snow play park for the tots and MM missed ski lessons by one week with her age as her birthday is next week. So make sure your kids are 6 years old if you want to try taster lessons for skiing or snowboarding.

Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day Out

Chill Factore Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day Out

If I thought skiing was a highlight for us, the kids went hysterical over the sledding. There are various snow slides using tubes, sleds, and boards. Daddy took the two older kids on the slopes while I fed the baby and put him to sleep. When they came out they all looked like they needed a nap.

We already want to book family ski lessons now. Couldn’t recommend it more, honestly.

Chill Factore Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day Out

Chill Factore Indoor Ski Lessons Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day Out

Beyond Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day Out

Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day Out

Nando's Beyond Manchester Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day Out


It was time to eat after all the exertion. Nando’s Beyond Manchester welcomed us with lovely staff. We slid tiredly into a booth, drooling over the peri-peri aromas. It’s one of those restaurants that are amazing for catering for allergies as my eldest has severe food allergies. From the moment we ordered we had a manager taking over his food special food order and overseeing it being cooked and delivered to him, personally. In the past, we always steered away from eating at places with spices and sauces because it’s so hard to know what goes in the food and not. But we were really reassured about his food being safe and being able to eat safely on days out is a big deal for us.

I am partial to spicy food so it’s always been a favorite place of mine pre-kids. We were happy to be able to take the kids for a family dinner there.

The food arrived hot, quick and delicious.

Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day Out Play Factore

Play Factore

If the morning sounds like it was action packed, the afternoon was no different. We popped into Play Factore. It’s a x-large soft play centre with zipwire, virtual reality, lasertag, and more. They have little cars you can drive around a track in for the little ones and a big sensory baby/toddler area that is separate from the rather x-large play area for the big kids. And by big kids I mean even the adults were up there running around, climbing, jumping, and going down the biggest play slide ever. Keeps those arms in or it will give you friction burns it goes that fast. My kids scream with glee, going down it. Daddy, too.

Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day Out

They zipwired over our heads while I sipped coffee from the cafe. B was amazed at the virtual reality experience, having never done anything like that before. MM was slightly freaked out about being inside a video game. She preferred the adrenaline rush of the zipwire.

Paul's Ice Cream Beyond Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day Out

Paul’s Ice Cream

With rosy red cheeks, a full day out of the best family entertainment in Manchester, my kids were ready to end the day with a treat and head for home. We skipped over to Paul’s Ice Cream shop to pick our flavors.

B picked out the Green Hulk while MM went for the Unicorn Rainbow (which was amazing). Daddy and I were more original with Coffee Break and Cappuccino ice cream. Even Baby O had his very first ice cream cone ever. We stuck with vanilla for his first taste and he wasn’t happy I wouldn’t let him eat the whole thing.

They had so many choices of flavors and various cones too. The kids were really spoiled for choice. They do milkshakes and all sorts of other treats other than just ice cream too. Worth a stop here for a tasty dessert.

Paul's Ice Cream Beyond Manchester's Best Family Entertainment Day OutIt was the perfect day out for our hyper, busy kids. They love an action packed day out. It was nice to know we have a place like Beyond so close to us with so much to offer. You could pick any one or two of these places or spend the entire day at each. There was so much to explore and experience for families.

Have you ever been to Beyond? Have you been to Manchester? I can’t recommend this place enough if you are visiting with kids. If you have any questions at all, tag me on social media @letstalkmommy and I will be happy to add or answer anything you might want to know about our day out in Manchester.

*Sponsored by Beyond but all photos and opinions are our own. 

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  1. This looks fun! Is this the building that looks like a giant ski slope from the Motorway? I might have to add this one to my list and visit Manchester over the summer holidays (3-4 hours drive from Newcastle).

    I think there’s also some kind of Ninja Warrior course nearby too, is that right?


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