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Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:18 pm


Welcome to my new linky…. I bet you hear this all the time.

Someone starting a new linky or from me for that matter. I have had a few in the past. My most popular and famous one was Share With Me and I had it for almost four years and it was amazing. I met so many bloggers new and experienced through it and made some life long friends in the process too. When I found it was ready to move on from it, I was really sad to stop doing it. I quickly realized how much I miss reading all the blogs each week and having a little community I felt apart of.  It’s been over a year since I hosted it and I am ready for my own linky again. Yes, I do cohost a few on other sites but I wanted to create a new community that was my own, right here on LTM. 

Since my most recent announcement last weekend of our baby news I wanted to really embrace pregnancy, document not just my bump and how I am feeling but how the family is preparing for our third baby and most of all share it with others going through it or have just gone through it.

THUS, BUMPS & BABIES was born!


Each week, I will host my Bumps & Babies Linky for any pregnancy related blog posts or up to a year baby milestones and all things babies. I hope this will create a beautiful and positive community where we are all in this together. We are sharing the ups and downs along the way, sharing birth stories, how to’s, baby milestones, bump updates, and baby products too! There is so much that happens between bumps to babies and I think it’s a great opportunity for other moms-to-be to stop by and gain a lot of advice, tips, and information all in one place from our blog posts linking up together. What do you think? 

All I ask is that you comment on the host post in the first square and give some love to at least two others in the link up. Please provide a link back to my site https://www.letstalkmommy.com as gesture of goodwill for all my hard work hosting, commenting and sharing. You don’t have to use the badge at the bottom a hyperlink is fine but welcome if you prefer badges.

Please also don’t link dump they will be deleted, comments give others support and encouragement to keep coming back to share some more. Communities only work if we help each other. I will give shout outs to the bloggers linking up on my social media including my ig stories!!!


You just need to copy and paste your direct url to the post you want to share and click below to enter it along with your email address and you will see your thumbnail pop up in the columns below. Any problems or if this is your first time I am here to help just email me and I will be happy to go through it with you. 


As the linky grows, I will be hosting some maternity & baby product giveaways here too!


I also will be sharing my favorite blog post from the previous week, in a featured section here. 


4 thoughts on “Bumps & Babies Linky ~ NEW”

  1. Thanks Jenny, this is a great new linky. I have added a recent post but am I just being silly – I can’t see the badge to use? Could you point me in the right direction…

    • Oh thank you so much I hope others come and share too. It’s such a beautiful way to all share our pregnancies and baby’s first year together, all in one place.


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