Pregnancy: 16 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:12 pm

We hit 16 weeks pregnant this week. It’s always a huge week in my pregnancies because we do an early gender scan to find out what we are having. If you haven’t seen our gender reveal, do check it out here, it’s festive and fun and the kids had a blast sharing their excitement and news with everyone. I won’t give it away just yet. 

I am feeling better now in terms of tiredness and nausea. My vertigo is acting up again, unfortunately which makes the midwives a little nervous because it is the same symptoms of preeclampsia or gestational diabetes. Off I go for yet another blood test the third in three weeks. I am becoming a pro at giving blood it doesn’t even make me nauseous anymore as I hate needles. Go me! 

My bump is out permanently now. There is no hiding in the mornings and by evening poking back out. Although I don’t feel like I have got any bigger last two weeks which is always a bonus. I am back in the gym. My goal is to keep exercising my normal classes like body pump and synergy classes the whole time as I did with my other pregnancies. It always helped afterwards I think getting back in shape or at least it just keeps me from being the size of a house while pregnant either way, definitely a good thing. I had missed the gym so much the first few weeks being so ill. 

We are working on names now. I know you are thinking, I have plenty of time, but it literally takes us the whole pregnancy to even find a name we agree on. I will need all the suggestions I can get from all of you too. This is one of the reasons we get an early gender scan gives us that extra month to veto each other’s name lists. hahhaha Wish us luck.



This week the number one question everyone is asking me: IS IT A BOY OR GIRL?

I won’t talk about the reveal until next week and how I felt when I found out the news and how the kids both reacting off camera. Please do check out our reveal video above. Always great capturing those amazing moments on camera and the kid’s first impressions. 


I am on the water and food just make me feel worse. I am dehydrated and getting shouted out for it daily. I am trying my best to drink plenty of hot water as I prefer it over cold water. Nibbling toast and crackers help. I think it’s my sense of smell is out of control. I can smell things a mile away and I smell things you don’t want to smell on people standing next to me. It’s never been this heightened in my previous pregnancies. I could smell my son’s morning breathe coming down the hallway before he came into my bedroom which is just awful both his breathe and how far I could smell. It kills me cooking dinner at night if it’s something like fish or strong sauces. 

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5 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 16 Weeks Bump Watch”

  1. Oh I remember the heightened sense of smell from the early days all too well. I hope it passes for you soon! I’m off to watch your gender reveal now,
    I’m not sure how I missed it! We’ve kept the gender a surprise and with only 4 weeks to go there isn’t a single name on our list! x #Bumps&Babies

  2. How exciting, we have our gender scan this weekend, and we have the exact same name problem, my husband and I just can’t agree! My sons name was the only name that we agreed on in the first pregnancy, so who knows what we will call the next one!! So exciting to hear you’re having another little boy! #bumpsbabies


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