Pregnancy: 31 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:11 pm

pregnancy 31 weeks bump watch pregnancy diariesI am not going to lie it’s been one of the toughest parenting weeks ever this week. Not just in terms of my pregnancy but being pregnant and parenting two other little ones. I had a funny turn last Thursday where my vision blurred and had a split headache and it hasn’t returned yet. I haven’t been able to drive my kids to school or do much for them. I can’t wait tv and have to type in 10/15 minute time frames to give my eyes a break. I keep getting heart racing panic attacks too. They think it’s my blood pressure which is 92/56 super low. I keep almost passing out and the vertigo dizziness isn’t helping. I haven’t ever been one to ask for help but the school moms have been amazing gathering up to help with my two kids at drop off and pick up times. I feel helpless and slightly afraid it’s something more serious and I won’t be able to care for my baby when he arrives. I am being sent for head scans, heart monitoring and blood test and eye exams this week to find some more answers. It’s not been easy.

But baby got fully checked out and he is aboslutely fine. I also experience my very first 4D Baby Scan last week which was just the most precious and amazing experience ever. I can’t believe I never did this with my first two. It’s nice to have a first with my last pregnancy though. He looks just like his brother!

My Baby Scan Burscough 2d scan, 4d baby scan, gender reveal private scan My Baby Scan Burscough 2d scan, 4d baby scan, gender reveal private scan



This week the number one question everyone is asking me: Do you have everything ready?

Yes and no, I still have a few minor things like washing all the sheets, blankets and clothes but I save that until the end so that it doesn’t get dusty sat in the drawers. Then I will need to organize a few things in baskets like the changing area and get those already and setup. Those are all very last minute things. The nursery is on it’s way to finished. B has happy gave up his bedroom and is now just has his bed in the nursery with all the baby furniture. Baby won’t be in it for months anyway so it’s nice that it’s ready for him but also that B can use it until the loft building gets sorted too.


I am super low and starting to feel the real effects of SPD like I did with B. It must be a boy thing for me. This pregnancy has been so close to B’s I should have known it was a boy before they even said it. I am not sleeping much these days. Having to pee all the time and walking too long gives me backaches now. The added weigh in front of me really is heavy now.


I am still on salty things. That’s just a given this far it’s been there constantly throughout this pregnancy. I also am back to craving steak again. Give me a cajun salty steak every night please. I am off my coffee badly this week which I miss a nice hot cup in the morning. Hoping that’s a fluke this week.


I just have to put a few shelves up in the nursery and the playroom has been finished. Besides baby gates that we won’t need for a long while yet the rooms and house are prepared for baby. We don’t necessarily baby proof our house in the sense that we don’t remove all breakables higher, it’s just one of those things neither of my kids did when they started crawling. They weren’t stair climbers either so that will be something we work out if we need baby gates on further down the road. But for now, we are newborn ready!!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my pregnancy journey and coming to the final end will follow along with baby spam and the baby’s milestones to come too. It’s been such a gift to be able to document my last pregnancy on my blog. Something I never got the chance to do with my other two kids. I will love looking back at these posts in the future.

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  1. Oh Jenny I hope you feel better soon 🙁 It’s horrible in pregnancy when you’re unwell but still have other children to look after, so much harder to rest. Hopefully you’ll have some answers soon and you can enjoy this pregnancy a little more. It might not feel like it to you, but it seems like it’s flown by!


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