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It’s June! We wouldn’t have known it at the beginning of the month with the heat on in the house and my boots and scarves still out. We began June, cold and windy. The weather started perking up for a few days before we left for the states so the kids could get outside and play. It’s been a funny month, gearing up for our summer trip and getting everything done for B starting school before we left as we return the week before school starts. I have had school visits, teacher meetings and uniforms arriving. It really was a busy month in terms of packing and preparing for school when we return.

We landed in sunny USA, home at last. After hugging my parents for so long we finally got in the car to make the long journey up the mountain to home. It’s the best feeling in the world to be home surrounded by my family and there is so much for the kids to do everyday as the weather is almost always guaranteed. We ended June with a huge celebration for MM turning two years old right along side my best friend’s daughter having been born on the same day. It was just a small family affair but it felt like a really big milestone turning two. The kids seem to have been growing up a lot lately and getting, oh, so tall too. We have a tradition on each kids’ birthday to measure them on my parents door frame and they have shot up this year from last. I love that we spend both of their birthdays here in the states each year. B’s is up next in August so from now until then I am strutting around with a two year old and a three year old.

Me & Mine June a monthly family portrait project

Mommy is loving..

Being home with family and friends around her.

The hot weather to soak up all that vitamin D.

Watching the kids bond with my side of the family.

Daddy is loving… 

The hot weather.

Being somewhere where cell phones don’t work.

My parents new hot tub.

B is loving…

The swimming pool, everyday.

His new electric car my parents bought him for his early birthday present.

Going outside all day, everyday.

MM is loving…

Her Little & Fierce sunglasses (surprise, surprise).

Her birthday cake.

The sandpit at my parents.

Me & Mine June a monthly family portrait project

Together we are loving…

Not having plans but taking each day as it comes.

Monkeying around my parents house outside.

Being in the sunshine.


Going for walks in the woods.

Playing in the river.

Me & Mine June a monthly family portrait project

June’s family captures are special as for the next two months Mr P won’t be with us in our photo captures but he will be there in spirit. So don’t think I got rid of him just yet, in July and August because he isn’t in them. We will miss him so very much but it’s our last big summer in the states before we are restricted to term times. I am so very grateful for this time to bond with my side of the family and my friends here. I am so grateful that we have FaceTime so the kids still get to see Daddy every night before bed. Just like last year I know it will fly by and soon we will be back in the UK together again. We are making the most of Daddy’s last week here, this week.

dear beautiful
This month I am sending you to the stunning photography and beautiful family of Katie at Mummy Daddy Me. She always gets creative with her family captures and the girls always look so happy and having a great time enjoying the moment.
Each month, a winner is chosen by a different team member for a Photo Box prize and all linkers are automatically in the drawing. So thank you so much for joining us in sharing your family captures. I can’t wait to see all yours this month and hope you enjoyed ours.

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18 thoughts on “Me & Mine {June}”

  1. Oh what lovely pictures Jenny, your parents live in such a beautiful spot and you all look so happy and relaxed – long may the sunshine continue on both sides of the Atlantic!

  2. Aww… So sad that’s it’s your last big summer stateside… But great that you are planning on making the most of it! It’s quite fun shocking people with a three year old and a two year old… Most people look at me like I’m mad when I say that’s what we have, and now we’ve thrown a newborn into the mix too! It’s all good fun! Have a fabulous summer Jenny…. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to! Lovely family pictures – MM suddenly looks so grown up!

  3. Lovely photos Jenny, it’s so nice to see you ones from the States and you all look so happy and relaxed. I’m sure you will miss Mr P but nice to see you making the most of being over there as a family xx #meandmine

    • Thank you Hayley, Oh yes we make the most of it and see everyone we can and spend as much time with extended family to keep us stocked for the year until we come back next year. hahaha

  4. I am been looking forward to hearing about your trip to the US. We should booking our trip the Pacific Northwest this week for early September. I just really can’t wait. I have been dying to ask you if you hubby gets to stay with you the whole 2 months because my hubby can only manage 2 weeks a year so I have get stayed longer in the US without him. My mother is the best cook and crafter I know so I can not wait to just be with her in September. Have an amazing 4th of July! Safe flight home to your hubby!

    • Thanks Christina, we do the same. Hubby stays two weeks and I stay longer without him and travel back solo with the kids. Oh yes you will have a blast come September. My mother is a good cook and crafter too! 🙂 Happy 4th of July to you too.

  5. I hope you have a wonderful time and don’t miss your hubby too much. Thank goodness for facetime. How terrible that the school terms are going to restrict this family time in the future. Happy birthday to your lovely little lady x

  6. What gorgeous shots of you all Jenny. Your parent’s home looks just stunning with the river in the background, I love seeing all your instagram shots. One day you should take me on a girly trip! Haha, I don’t think Jon would find that too impressive! But seriously, although we are all missing you all here, we hope you are having an amazing Summer in the sunshine- enjoy every minute! x

  7. Your photos look amazing Jenny, what a spot. I’ve been loving following your US holiday on IG and Facebook, looks like your family lives in such a gorgeous place. Have a great time on your holiday xx

    • It really is a loving place to have gotten married and to live and grow up. Not many can say they got married in their own back yard. lol I am very grateful for it. Mother nature is beautiful. Oh thank you so much for following me on facebook and IG. Means a lot to me. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. These photos are just GORGEOUS Jenny. I am so jealous that you get to go and spend your summers somewhere so beautiful and surrounded by all your favourite people. You all look so happy and relaxed and just loving life. LOVE IT!!! x

    • Oh thanks Lucy you are so sweet. There is nothing better than family that’s for sure. It’s lovely here and I am so grateful for it. I am sad next year will only be four weeks instead of our whole summers but either way it’s a beautiful part of the world full of amazing family so I will take what I can get.

  9. There really is no place like home, is there? I’m going home to West Wales for a few weeks over the summer and I literally can’t wait. Although, the weather will not be guaranteed there! These are beautiful pictures, you all look to be having the best time. It was so lovely to meet and get to know you last month, I had such a great time at that Pinterest party. Have an amazing summer and make lots of memories! #MeandMine xx

    • No there really isn’t. I get so emotional sometimes being here and realizing that it could always be like this if we lived here again. Hard to make such a decision though. I bet you can’t, family is the best medicine. How exciting for you guys too. It was lovely to get to hang out with you too lovely. Hope we get another chance again soon.

    • Thank you Natalie. They say there is no place like home and while family always is my first priority and is amazing there really isn’t any place as pretty as the woods where my parents live. So many lakes and rivers and beaches near us too. It’s the best of both world for summer time.


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