Pregnancy: 25 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:12 pm

Pregnancy 25 Weeks Bump Watch pregnant diaries

I think 25 weeks is a funny stage, right before you hit the third trimester. It sounds far into my pregnancy but it’s that middle ground where I still have a lot more to go. Not ready, time flies by especially when I am pregnant and have two more kids to chase but it’s a funny stage to be around the middle. I have that itching to get everything done and yet so many weeks ahead to do that as it’s almost too early to do things like washing baby clothes (well, that would mean I had to buy some first) and getting baby’s cotbed right next to mine. But I am dying to do all those things.

I thought documenting my pregnancy and how I felt, emotions, changes in my body and taking photos each week would make this pregnancy slow down. I thought it would help me soak every moment of it up. I remember my first pregnancy feeling like years but in a good way. For my last and final pregnancy, I wanted that again. It hasn’t happened. If anything I can’t believe how fast each week comes around that it’s time to take another photo, document another week and look at the calendar thinking May will be here faster than I know it. Exciting and but sad it goes too fast. Pregnancy 25 Weeks Bump Watch pregnant diaries



This week the number one question everyone is asking me: ARE YOU PREPARED? 

The answer is no and yes. Baby’s don’t need much at first but it’s also nice to have all those added extras organized and done before baby arrives so I am not trying to do them with a newborn and two kids in tow. I am hoping that we get news to do our loft earlier than planned so it’s not being renovated with a newborn trying to take naps.


I am balancing out. I think my bloated water retention has eased off. I don’t feel like my hands and feet and face are as puffy. I am finally on the mend, coughing has almost gone and all the aches and pains with that nasty virus we all had over Christmas and New Year. I am hoping as I ease into my third trimester everything just is a lot easier and healthier.

Cravings for beef steak are still there and the salt too. Not sure if it’s our bodies way of telling us what we need extra. I had to do some blood test and scans last week as I keep passing out. They aren’t sure if it’s anemia or a thyroid issue or just pure dehydration. I am doing so much better on drinking more water but at that point in pregnancy of peeing every five minutes. Don’t cough!


As I mentioned above, it’s crunch time when we get back from Disney World Florida for half term. I will only have 12 weeks to due date and I have a feeling this one might come early like his sister rather than late like his brother. Verdict out, obviously. I have a list of baby essentials which I will be sharing with all of you and purchasing when we get back.

But there are other ways to prepare for baby’s arrival. I have been getting my two older kids ready for how much will change when a newborn is in the house. Like calmer bath times, and easier school morning routines. I got the kids into a new morning routine where they get their own uniforms set out the night before, the backpacks ready by the front door, and get dressed all by themselves and make their own breakfast. We have been practicing for about two months and they have it down perfectly. I no longer have to do anything but tie up my littlest girls hair in pigtails and out the door. I can imagine feeding and changing baby and getting myself ready in the morning will add to the morning chaos so it’s good to know they are becoming more independent and doing it on their own.

I hope you enjoy reading my pregnancy diaries and following along with our growing family. If you are pregnant or just had a baby and write about it, come share on my new linky for bloggers and vloggers, on BUMPS & BABIES. Anything from pregnancy, birth, weaning, maternity, baby gear, and baby’s milestones up to their first birth are welcome!!!! It’s a great place to share all things babies with others.

10 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 25 Weeks Bump Watch”

    • It is going way faster than either my first two, I can’t believe it. Yes, my parents said that about the steak. hahaha Man’s man coming. 😉 We had the best time in Florida thanks for linking up and commenting. Catching up with it all this week. Promise. 🙂

    • That was me normally, but this time we don’t have a nursery ready before baby’s arrival and it all feels a bit unorganized already. hahaha I loved walking into MM’s nursery and just sitting there dreaming of feeding her and watching her sleep in her cot. This time parts of baby’s clothes or toys will be in all various rooms and sleeping with me longer than I did with my other two. Feels just a bit up in the air. hahaha But I was told third or four babies just slot in and you go with it more relaxed than the first time around. I am hoping so.

  1. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and fingers crossed that the blood tests can get to the bottom of why you keep passing out and help to stop it. The new morning routine sounds like a very good idea – it’s made me think I should put some effort into doing the same to try and make it easier once the baby is here. It’s crazy how quickly the time goes by though isn’t it. Hope you can manage to get the loft renovation done before your little one arrives too. Thanks for hosting #bumpsandbabies

    • Oh I hope so I am starting to feel like a pin cushion doing the same tests and no answers at all. It’s made this pregnancy not as enjoyable as my first two and it’s my last so I am a little upset about that. Oh the morning routine already has transformed my life. Why I didn’t do it sooner? It’s so stress free and I have more time to get ready myself now and even a hot coffee before I go too. Fingers cross on the loft. 😉

    • Yes exactly and it’s just in grasp the end is near and I need to get things done. hahaha But trying to slow it down a bit and keep remembering this is my last take it all in. Thanks hunny.

  2. I agree with it being a funny stage. I’ve been asked if I’ve packed my hospital and if the baby’s room is ready. Erm no not yet. I have bought a few bits but have not washed them yet. I too have a list which is all ready to go closer to the time. Have a great holiday #bumpsandbabies x

    • Yes it’s like that too early, too late stage where you are just waiting and watching but it does still fly by too. I feel like I just wrote my 25 weeks came back from holiday and catching up and now almost 28 how did that happen???? I am now buying the bare essential onesies, sleep suits and breastfeeding stuff and diapers just to have the minimum might make me feel a bit more organized.


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