Our Christmas 2015 festivities

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It’s Christmas time! It’s finally here, the big day is tomorrow and we have had so much fun celebrating all month long from decorating the tree with Mumsnet & Homebase to our family day out, riding the train to see Santa Clause. There hasn’t been a day in December we haven’t been doing something festive or at least dressing for the part. I think this year we have adorned more Christmas sweaters than ever before and loving it. It’s the month to be jolly. 

I just wanted to share with you our little bits of Christmas 2015 while we are away in Ireland. I won’t be able to blog for two whole weeks which is a first since I started two and half years ago. I think it’s a good thing I won’t have wifi and reception readily available so it will keep me relaxing and spending time with the kids over the holiday. I am really looking forward to shutting off from a world I love so much don’t get me wrong but I do get lost in it sometimes. Recharging my batteries and 100% focusing on my family is what I want to get lost in this time of year. 

Here is a peak at our train ride, seeing Santa and a very windy ferris wheel ride otherwise known as the day I tried to kill my husband so he says. 

Our Christmas 2015 festivities


The kids look so innocent in the window waiting to see Santa and it was in a gorgeous Hall that has been preserved from 1600’s. There was something so magical about walking through the corridors of hundreds of year old floors that once had other victorian children running upon it in the past. window

Next to seeing Santa a few times, train rides, ferris wheel rides, Christmas market days, nativity plays, nursery nativity plays, Christmas parties, and playgroup roundups we have truly spent the holiday season as festive as we could.  I have really enjoyed the leading up to Christmas this year as the kids are older now and getting more into the magic of the holidays and believing. I can’t wait to see their face tomorrow on Christmas morning and they see presents under the tree. 

Speaking of trees, we have a joke in our house that you can never have too many trees. This year my favorite had to have been the vintage white Christmas tree we put together for Homebase on Mumsnet. It was so fun styling the tree and seeing it complete, it truly was magical. The kids were the best two elves ever. I was so impressed with the homebase decorations too. Homebase has many lovely things for the holidays and your home all year round. Why not click here to get 33% Off Selected Homeware at Homebase. I am always on the look out for great sales and bargains to get the most for my home. 

Please come have a peak and don’t forget to give a thumbs up! 🙂 

So I will say Merry Christmas 2015 to you all and I hope you have the best Christmas day ever! Thank you for all your amazing support this year and I look forward to keeping you entertained next year too. 

Our Christmas 2015 festivities


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