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Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:28 am

It’s been the week of celebrations so I thought I would share my favorite instagrammers’ zoomed in celebrations too. I am absolutely loving my little instagram community that is growing each week with so many great captures. I am getting all broody from all the baby spamming, hungry for those food captures and wanting to redecorate from the interior styles on show. If you are new here, #lifecloseup is an instagram community I created to share all those zoomed in moments of life. It can be of anything you are focusing on. Each Sunday night I share my nine of my favorite instagrammers here so you may find some new instagram feeds to fall in love with like I have. 

This week was so special because it was full of the holiday celebrations. Each capture that came my way made me feel so happy and festive. Even though we are on holiday I couldn’t skip out on sharing this week’s favorites. These feeds below are just stunning to follow go check them out.

THIS WEEK’S FAVORITE INSTAGRAMMERS:Celebrations #lifecloseup an instagram community hashtag


tmkukourpreciousmomentscurrent tempo


This week was not only big due to Christmas celebrations but I celebrated my 32nd birthday in Ireland among family. We went off shopping to Dublin to hit the sales after Christmas and it was fab. The kids had their very first ever hot chocolate (I know sheltered lives) with Mr P and I as it was so cold we all needed to warm up from the inside out. While I normally have more food and interior captures but we are still on holiday until the second of January so it’s a few holiday zoomed in celebrations to share this week as my favorites. I hope you all will stop by and say hello over on instagram

Celebrations #lifecloseup an instagram community hashtag

Do you love capturing pieces of your daily life on instagram? Why not hashtag #lifecloseup for those focused captures where it’s of what you are making for lunch or dinner or your morning cup of Joe. It could be your outfit for a night out or new pjs too. Your options are endless. Of course I love the baby spamming too. Keep them all coming and I will see you all next week with another great round up of favorite instagrammers. 

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