Tips to consider when buying a mountain bike

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:23 pm

Mountain biking  is one of the best exercises. Off-road cycling enables you to enjoy the environment to the fullest. A suitable mountain bike helps you to improve your cycling experience. It will help you quickly move on trails, rocky terrain, steep hills, and other challenging surfaces. Picking the right one may satisfy you, and you will feel getting it is worth your expense. Various mountain bike companies provide you with mountain bikes with different features. 

Selecting a suitable one from the crowd may overwhelm you. Make sure you buy it from a reputable company with expertise in this sector. 

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Consider the following tips if you are new to mountain trail biking or searching for a new bike. Mountain biking is an exciting and thrilling activity that requires a specialized bike for off-road terrain. If you are in the market for a new mountain bike, there are many factors to consider before making your purchase.

it’s important to determine what type of riding you plan on doing as this will dictate the type of mountain bike you need. Cross-country bikes are lightweight and designed for speed while trail bikes offer better suspension and stability for challenging terrain. Secondly, consider your budget.Remember that quality comes at a cost so invest in a good quality bike that will last longer.

These tips will add a sense of adventure to your mountain bike ride. 

Type of suspension

The mountain bike has two types of suspensions: Full and hardtail. The full-suspension bikes have shock absorbers in both: front and rear wheels. As a result, you can ride the bike quickly and comfortably over rugged terrain. In comparison, the hardtail mountain bike has suspension at only the front wheel. As a result, the comfort level of the full-suspension mountain bike is more than the hardtail bike, which is more expensive. 

Wheels and tyre size

The wheels and tyre sizes of mountain bikes also vary; you must select the suitable one. The three most common wheel sizes for mountain bikes are 29 inches, 27.5 inches, and 26 inches. Larger wheels are better for speed and rough terrain, while smaller wheels are more agile.

Right size and material

The size  of the mountain bike also matters a lot. You can select one from small, medium and large sizes. Ensure that you do good research on it before booking the process. Next comes the material of the frame. Mountain bikes come in different materials, such as aluminium, carbon fibre, and steel. Each has strengths and weaknesses, so choose one based on your needs and budget.


Evaluating a proper budget is also essential for buying a mountain bike. You will also need to pay additional expenses before purchasing the bike. The other costs may include a helmet, shoes for biking, particular outfits, gloves, etc. Therefore, while designing your budget for your first mountain bike, ensure that you have also considered other expenses. Alternatively, if your employer is signed up to a cycle to work scheme provider, you could buy a new mountain bike through the scheme. Your employer pays for the bike up front, and then takes a monthly payment from your salary before tax and NI, allowing you to make savings. 

Finding a suitable mountain bike is essential. It should fit your needs and also enhance your biking experience. But visiting the bike retailer providing mountain cycles and taking a test ride is also necessary. Taking a test ride will help you know whether the mountain bike is suitable for you or not. 


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