End of the year letter to my children

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end of the year letter to my children ordinary momentsHIM

My dear son, B, you have grown and changed this year from a toddler to a little school boy. Your adventures have been widen and your mind enlighten. There are so many new people in your life now that are contributing to your journey of growing up. It’s been a busy year of you starting school and Mommy having to get used to you not always being at home with her. It’s hard giving you space to spread your wings and be in someone else’s care and control. We have had ups and downs with your allergies and learning how your body is also responding to changes in diet and in your life. It’s a never ending learning circle for us but we are here supporting you the best we can with what we know and you continue to not let it affect you one bit. I actually think you are none-the-wiser about it all. You are a happy little boy and love school so much which is a pleasure to watch. You work hard on your homework and feel proud of your hard work as much as we are proud of you too. I am looking forward to another year of family adventures with you. Even though you are no longer a baby you will always be my first born baby and my little boy. The one with a heart of gold and kind soul. I hope you take these qualities long into your adulthood. And always remember Mommy loves you!

end of the year letter to my children ordinary moments


My dear daughter, MM, you have grown from a baby to a toddler this year with so many changes every day. You are at an age in your life where every day is a new adventure, a new change, a new development and it’s beautiful to witness. You have had to get used to your brother not being around to always lead you and be your own person now. You have to make your own decisions without him guiding you. We have enjoyed our year of quality “Mommy” time together, just me and you as well. It’s a great opportunity to give you the attention and focus you need as B had when we was your age. I am so grateful I get this special time with you. Your personality has blossomed, your voice has matured, and your conversations have lengthened. I can now sit and talk to you for hours and you tell the most beautiful stories. It’s started already your love for Mommy’s makeup and jewellery. I can often find you perched up on my dressing table “putting your face on” as you put it. This year saw you potty training which was a big deal and even though it’s ongoing I have to say as much as I dislike this stage you have done great. As amazing as no diapers sound, it is hard for Mommy to think about not having a baby in the house anymore. It’s the end of the year and the end of an era. I look forward to the next year of family adventures with you and to see how much you will change and grow in the new year. And always remember Mommy loves you. 


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