Pregnancy: 22 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:12 pm

pregnancy 22 weeks pregnant bump watch pregnancy diaries

Tick, tock! The clock is on fast forward. We have 18 weeks until due date and almost to my third trimester. I thought my second pregnancy went fast because I was running around after a one year old and that this one would be slow because both are in school and I can spend my days (in between work of course) admiring my growing bump. Nope, wrong again. It’s faster than any of my pregnancies. I wonder if that’s because it’s my first time documenting my pregnancy on my blog and instagram and each week seems to fly by before it’s time to do it again. 

I am feel excited and anxious for what the future holds for us. I never been one to worry and over analyze things when it comes to having babies. I don’t plan my births because they never go to plan. Normally, I don’t panic at the difficulties that can come with having babies. Lately, little things keep slipping in my mind. Will he be healthy? Will he have the immune problem his brother has and his allergies problems too? It’s not fair because they are boys to think all my boys will have these but it’s hard not to when my daughter has none of the ailments my eldest suffers from. It’s hard when my eldest is having trouble not to panic, if I have two the same. I don’t think I could cope constantly saving both their lives, on a daily basis or worrying about if they will grow up and make it to adulthood safely. It’s hard enough swallow those responsibilities for one child. Having three children and only two hands is challenge enough on a good day as I have been told. What other challenges will I face?

Trying to stay positive, I am focusing on holding him, feeding him, loving him and staying as healthy as I can for him while he is in my belly. (minus bronchitis I have now) I know panicking and worrying about the unknown is not healthy for him and takes away my sleep which I need for the both of us. I am setting myself little baby jobs each week to keep my mind on the positives instead of letting it consume me and my thoughts entirely. 

Picking out a few favorite outfits, getting the diaper bag research going, a few essential must haves and finding where I will be storing all baby’s stuff because he has no bedroom for another year. I have cleaned out my own dresser for now for baby clothes as I can’t fit into anything in it anyways. That felt good just have a corner to call his in my bedroom. It’s making it all so real that I am having a baby this Spring. It will come sooner than I will realize. I am soaking up the end of my pregnancy as much as I can as I know I will never get this opportunity to grow another child again as hubby is going for the snip. EEEK. So I am wrapping my arms around this one, praying like hell, he is healthy and happy, and making a spot in our home for him to claim come May.

pregnancy 22 weeks pregnant bump watch pregnancy diaries



This week the number one question everyone is asking me: ARE YOU SURE THERE IS ONLY ONE IN THERE? 

This question I know comes up for a lot of people. It’s the one people use as a joking way of saying, “Jeese, you are huge!” at what ever stage of pregnancy you are at. No, I am only having one, I would have loved twins, call me crazy but you saying that doesn’t make me laugh or happy. Hormonal rage goes through me as smile and nod. Do you do this when people say crazy things? Pregnant or not, it’s just easier to let them think they are funny. 


I have a salt craving back again which is not good for the water retention nor my lack of actually drinking water. I never had a problem drinking water in my previous pregnancy but I am really struggling on the line of dehydrations this time. Every time I drink it, I feel sick. Little sips throughout the day make it worse so I have to chug a whole bottle of it in the morning and one at night just to make sure I am getting some which still isn’t enough I am told. I have no alternatives. I am not a fan of pop, juice or things in the UK called cordial. It’s pretty much decaf coffee or nothing for me. I wish I liked it. I wish it didn’t make me feel sick to drink it now.

On the salty note, I have never put salt on my good and every time I eat I feel like I need that salt added. Salted crackers are my ultimate weakness this week too. I could eat a pack and a soya latte and be in heaven. I know weird combo, thanks baby, although I am sure there are far worse combinations like pickles and ice cream. YUK!

Changes to the body have really slowed down. I keep saying that each week, the first 12 weeks my body went wild with changes, gaining, moving, aching and bump growing. Now I have really slowed down. Bump is slightly bigger this week but not much, up a pound but staying in the gym helps last few weeks. Boobs have calmed down the growth spurt to my relief too. I am only a little person I can’t take much bigger, I will fall over. 

Sadly, I think I am developing SPD. I had it at the very end with my first baby boy. Didn’t have it with my daughter, for me, I think it’s a boy thing. He is riding extra low and in my pelvis all the time kicking and pushing. The added pressure is starting to get painful. I am investing in a belly band for Disney World in four weeks. I am nervous I might be viewing Disney from a wheelchair at this point. That won’t stop me from having a blast with my family though. I am trying to put my feet up slightly more during the day if I can to help the pressure and hoping it’s just all this coughing that has me in pain. 


I am getting prepared for baby’s arrival. Now, with 18 weeks to go until due…it’s time to think of getting baby stuff. I had my daughter a month early and had nothing ready so I am not leaving it until the last minute again. Since we never thought that we would finally get a third baby, we had sold everything. It really is starting from scratch. I am working on the essentials for now. Where baby will sleep or have a room built by the time he is one years old, that’s a whole different story. 

I hope you enjoy reading my pregnancy diaries and following along with our growing family. If you are pregnant or just had a baby and write about it, come share on my new linky for bloggers and vloggers, on BUMPS & BABIES. Anything from pregnancy, birth, weaning, maternity, baby gear, and baby’s milestones up to their first birth are welcome!!!! It’s a great place to share all things babies with others. 

11 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 22 Weeks Bump Watch”

  1. Congratulations on this being your final pregnancy – and knowing so ahead of time. I always thought I would be pregnant 4 times or so. After the birth of our second, I really don’t want to do it again. I wish I would have taken more pictures, documented more, and really enjoyed my “final” pregnancy.

    • I was the same as we were stopping at two originally and I didn’t know she was my last until she was three and I wasn’t blogging back then either. I was upset I didn’t get that final closure of this is my last. Miracle baby three is giving me this opportunity so I am documenting and soaking it up. I always wanted four but we are officially done for good this time.

  2. I think it’s totally normal to compare your previous babies with this one. I’ve already made the assumption that if we have another girl that we’ll have all the associated sleep problems that we had with our daughter. Our son was a really chilled baby whereas our daughter was a non-sleeper and everything seemed to be far more of a challenge. I shouldn’t assume but can’t help it x

    • Yeah it’s hard not to. My boy pregnancies have been the same and girl so different. I was lucky so far not to have sleep issues but I can’t guarantee anything this third time around. I am mentally preparing myself for it.

  3. I can see how that would worry you. It would be really tough, definitely. I’ve also been comparing my now pregnancy to my old one – it is quite similar in some easy but has brought added concern in others! It does go faster though – sometimes I almost forget I’m pregnant being so busy with the other kid and work and all.

    • I am the same you just get on with it and routines and rushing about makes it speed by us far too fast. Human nature to compare experiences from one pregnancy to another I think. Ultimately mine have all been different.

  4. I’m so excited, we haven’t got that long to go now! I think we are always comparing our pregnancies to previous ones, it’s just natural! I think salt cravings are meant to be a boy thing, I now really fancy something salty, and like you salt is never added to my food!! #bumpsandbabies

    • It’s funny to crave things we normally don’t like. I am trying not to compare but like anything it’s human nature to do so. Hahaha it’s going so fast isn’t it?

  5. Your pregnancy is going so fast! I really don’t know where the weeks are going. I really hope that the SPD doesn’t rear it’s ugly head! You are looking amazing lovely. Thanks for hosting – and sorry I am late. The tummy bug made a reappearance in our house!


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