January Siblings Project

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:52 pm

The Siblings Project, is a monthly photo project where I document my two children, together, sharing their relationship as it blossoms and grows. I have been doing this project for years and this year we have a huge change for our siblings project coming in May. I will be sharing how our family of four becomes five and a new sibling brother to add to the mix of these two siblings.

It’s been a quick start to the year. We were all so ill over Christmas then finally we were on the mend and rushing to have some much needed fun before we returned to the hustle and bustle of every day time. The first week back to school has come and gone. It went smoothly back into running around after school activities, clubs and sports on the weekend. Sadly, we no sooner get better, we all fell back ill again yesterday. I guess, that’s sharing the back to school bugs from everyone else. The kids and I woke up yesterday coughing, sneezing, and fevers, once again. That’s the thing about being pregnant, with my immune system lowered, seem to be catching everything the kids are bringing home when normally I don’t. I am already fed up with coughing and it’s like an echo in the house having two kids having their own coughing battles. No sleep in our house is going to be happening this week. 

The kids were eager to get back to school, their friends and their sports. I love that they love to stay busy like I do. They are always asking me, “what shall we do today?” My little adventurous duo. I wonder if their baby brother will be the same. I hope so. We are constantly on the go and out to find the next best adventure. The kids absolutely loved hitting the Waterpark when the weather was just too cold and rainy to go play in last weekend.  We are making a spontaneous day out, adventure jar for the year too. For those weekends, we don’t have plans but want to go out and do something fun. I think, I might need to make a rainy day one and a sunny day one, just to be prepared. Can’t really fly a kite on the beach if it’s pouring down.

These two seem closer in age everyday. They do their homework together and B is quick to help his sister if she gets it wrong. They read to each other and constantly chatting about what goes on in each other’s classrooms at school. They always want to know what has their class been working on or doing each day. When I ask, I get things like, “I don’t know or remember”. But all I have to do is wait to ease drop on their car conversations to find out what they decided to pick for lunch, what they have been learning or making in their classes because they will tell each other everything. 

The closer I get to my due date, I wonder what it will be like to have three children. What three little siblings will talk about, get up to and how the dynamics of the family and siblings will change. I know these two will stay close but I am so excited to see how each one of them bonds with their new baby brother and him with them. Will he run to MM for cuddles and love and look up to B for protection and guidance? That’s years down the line but at first I know I have two great sibling helpers on my hands already and they are so excited for baby’s arrival. 


Longer and lighter days. 

Back to school.

Finding out we are going to Walt Disney World in February.

Playing with their Christmas presents.

Waterpark fun.

Baking with Mommy.

Playing jokes on each other (they both think they are comedians).

Helping name baby brother.

Organizing the new playroom.

I will have to start gathering tips on how to get three kids to smile and stay in the same photo soon. I find it hard enough to get these two to stop jumping, running, laughing, dancing, and stay still for longer than a second to take their photos. Whilst they are always having fun, half my photos are always blurry because neither ever stop moving. I am hope I am not the only one that has this trouble with sibling photos. Or I just need to get better with shutter speeds to capture those forever wiggling, moving limbs. 

Let’s hope we are all on the mend as quick as possible and can get back to some sibling fun. I really love this project because it motivates me to take photos of the kids together as much as document the little things they do and say. I love looking back and rereading how they have bonded from babiest to toddlers to kids. I hope one day they will love reading this project back as well. I am so excited to be joining in for another year of amazing siblings. 


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10 thoughts on “January Siblings Project”

  1. I just use the auto mode. lol I know, I should be getting out of the habit but I need to understand my new camera better so I can learn how to do the aperture and all this kind of stuff. I just shoot away and hope for the best. #siblingsproject

    • I know that feeling when you do get the hang of it it’s fun to play with settings. I just need to get faster at changing them as the light changes so fast here outdoors.

  2. These are gorgeous and it is going to be so exciting for you to have another one in the frame, I have total baby envy! But yes crank that shutter speed up for sure, I have it high and that is just with the two of them for they are forever moving, or at least one of them is!

    • Oh thank you so much. I can’t wait to see how it will change and grow them together. I love documenting them like this. Every time I think I will stop writing these posts I can’t because I love looking back on them even if others are sick of reading them after five years.


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