Letters to him & her ~ #12

Last updated on April 22nd, 2024 at 01:43 pm

writing letters to my children


Buba, bless your little heart you are my bubble boy, truly, one hundred percent. I don’t mean that in a bad way. Life has thrown you some curve balls that have changed our lifestyles around completely but we deal with each new “cork” as it comes. Whether it is your allergies, eczema, asthma, eye sight, hearing problems or clumsiness we deal with it. As you get older it seems to be more “corks” thrown our way. Yesterday, you smashed your mouth into a door that was half open and bust your bottom gums open and we are not too sure the verdict on those bottom two teeth as you have yet to eat with them. The pain is too great for you. When you hurt, I hurt and I just want to take your pain away. I call these all corks because that’s what they are to us, just different parts of you. I hate hearing them as issues or ailments because you are a healthy, happy and thriving little boy. These are just a part of you to make you unique and special. So I really hate when accidents get added to the mix. It makes me feel guilty as the rest were out of my control for you to get but accident I should be able to prevent. I know I can’t watch you every second of the day but sometimes I want to. Sometimes I wish I really could bubble wrap you to keep you safe from it all, the world included. 

writing letters to my children


Missy Moo, you too have had the minor accident recently by running in the house and cutting your eye open on the tv center. Something again that made me feel guilty that I didn’t prevent it. It looks like it will scar but I have heard bio oil does wonders so we are trying our best. It hasn’t stopped you in your tracks once from the moment it happened though. You seem to be unphased by bumps and scrapes these days. You pick yourself up and look for what’s next. I love that. You are starting to get really curious about everything and talking more. It’s great to watch you take in things your brother does then repeat them yourself, like sniffing flowers, counting numbers, and stacking blocks. I do worry why you haven’t said much at your age but I know each child is different and it will come in time. I also know I will probably regret getting you to talk if you are anything like me and your brother. Your poor father has no chance of ever talking again between all four of us. I love your age of curiosity and learning new things, it’s beautiful to witness. 

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12 thoughts on “Letters to him & her ~ #12”

    • Thank you darling. I sure hope it doesn’t last this clumsy stage it’s really frustrating and scary making sure they don’t hurt themselves or each other. lol

  1. Oh bless them both, hope they are both alright! Elsa can be quite clumsy sometimes and she is always covered in scratches because she picks at her face with her nails all the time. Don’t feel bad when they hurt themselves though – it’s not your fault. Kids will be kids and it’s crappy when they get hurt but they will pick themselves back up and carry on. You’re doing great 🙂

    • Thank you Katie. That means a lot coming from the pro photographer. Lol it’s one of my faves too. I love sun bursts and capturing the light on the kids.


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