Pregnancy: 12 Week Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:12 pm

Let’s start at the beginning….

Finding out I was pregnant the third time wasn’t the fairytale story you imagine. I was suffering severely with vertigo and on all kinds of medication to help me cope with standing straight. Sounds easy but for me it wasn’t at all. I couldn’t work. I couldn’t drive. I didn’t even trust myself in the shower if no one was home. It was a tough 10 weeks of torture. It came on all the sudden while I was traveling in America with no warning and no one knew why. They did some blood tests to make sure nothing else was wrong. 

The nurse sat me down and sternly said, “did you know you are pregnant?” 

I didn’t know. I was only a week pregnant and hadn’t even missed my period. So putting all the excitement and happiness aside for that brief moment which normally comes when someone is told their pregnant mine was slightly panic. But I finally found a medication where I could stand and start working and driving for short periods to the store or the school. I was taken off all medications and told to rest and hopefully my vertigo would settle in a few weeks. 

Then the extreme excitement washed over me! I was pregnant! 

I was so excited for a third baby that I have wanted for four years. A baby I always imagined having close with my other two babies. After being convinced I was never going to get that third baby, I cleared out the entire loft and garage and sold everything on ebay this summer. I accepted I was a mom of two…I fell pregnant a month later. Typical.

I’m starting from scratch again in so many ways. Not only do I have no baby clothes or baby items like crib, bassinet, stroller, car seats but my kids will be almost 5 and 7 years old when the baby arrives. I don’t remember the baby stages and what to do. It’s like we forget the moment they aren’t babies anymore what having a baby is all about. I need the baby books I read when I first had my first!

I have already learned in third pregnancies the bump pops – quickly! I was hiding my bump at 6 weeks and wearing baggier clothes by 10 weeks to hide our news before we announced it.  I am sicker than I was with my other two as well. Come 2 pm in the afternoon my head is generally in the toilet or a bowl. I had nausea a bit with previous pregnancies but nothing like the sickness I get from lovely baby number 3. 

I started my bump watch as soon as it popped out officially at 8 weeks. 

Baby is the size of a raspberry at 1.6 cm and weighing 1 gram. Baby’s fingers and toes are only slightly webbed.

FUN FACT: Baby’s taste buds are forming.

I have noticed I can smell everything this week and I am snoring now too. Let’s not forget those crazy dreams I always get when I am pregnant every time. 

Baby is the size of a strawberry at 3 cm and weighing 4 grams. Joints, cartilage, and bones are forming.

FUN FACT: Your baby is swallowing and kicking in your belly.

My boobs are definitely getting bigger and I am so tired I fall asleep on the sofa at 7pm after putting the older two kids to bed.

Baby is the size of a plum at 5.3 cm and weighing 14 grams. Baby’s brain is rapidly developing. 

FUN FACT: Baby is opening and closing fingers and curling toes too at this stage.

I am still being sick and completely exhausted this week. I caught a head cold and can’t take anything so that doesn’t help. 

After a few weeks of a lot of worry, tears, bleeding, cramping, and emergency scans we are more confident that everything is ok with the baby now. We hit the 12 week mark and had our normal scan and finally could burst out our secret for the whole world to know. We told our kids first and their reaction was just priceless, I am still laughing at the video, check out Our Family Story – with a surprise! Then we told close family and friends before we let our video go live! 

I was so touched by everyone’s lovely comments, support, love, and kind compliments on this blog, on my social media and on our youtube channel. It was overwhelming and such an amazing feeling. I have never been pregnant while blogging so this is all new to me from the announcement, to the bump documenting to sharing everything from the moment I found out to my child’s first birthday. I am so excited that it makes this third pregnancy that much more special. It may be my third time around but my first to share it with all of you and my last baby to really cherish every second of it and every milestone along the way. 

And the number one question everyone asks me is: What are you craving?

Well, I am here to tell you when I had my first two pregnancies, absolutely nothing. I thought it was a myth. Come third time around I am experiencing everything I was robbed of the first two times next to nausea and vomiting, my craving are out of control.


Week 8 …. I couldn’t stop thinking about beef from mince to steak in any form, spicy and cooked. 

Week 10…Pasta with homemade cream cheese sauce and red chilli flakes. Don’t ask but it’s delicious.

Week 12… I dreamt of starbursts and couldn’t stop thinking about them until I bought a share bag and ate the whole thing. 

What did you crave while pregnant or are you pregnant and craving things now? Do tell! I hope you have enjoyed my bump watch and that you will enjoy following along as I grow and baby too. It’s a pleasure sharing this amazing baby journey with all of you along with our growing family.

#sorrynotsorry on the pregnancy/baby spam to come!

12 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 12 Week Bump Watch”

  1. Oh Jenny, I was so pleased to hear of your lovely news and to watch your announcement video. I love the bump update shots and cant wait to follow your pregnancy journey. I hope you’re feeling a bit better soon and the sickness subsides. lots of love to you all xx

  2. Aww what a cute little bump. The sickness is the worst! Hope yours doesn’t last too much longer. I had a nose like a bloodhound when I was pregnant with the little one (and don’t worry about age gaps – mine’s 10 years, you’ll remember exactly what to do believe me) and could smell absolutely everything. I couldn’t face cooking but if someone made me a burger I would demolish it in seconds.

    Congratulations again x

  3. Such a lovely little bump Jenny, congratulations!

    I’ll have a five year age gap between my two children when baby boy is born. I think it’s a lovely age gap as Olly is already wanting to help out and be the amazing big brother. I can’t wait!

    Smells were the worst for me, I went off all my usual favourite foods and it’s only in the last few weeks that I’ve been able to stomach them again. Hormones are funny things aren’t they?

    Looking forward to reading all about your pregnancy x

    • I never heard of craving milk that’s funny but baby must have needed it. hahah I always say our bodies crave what they need more of for the baby. Or our brains just take over on the munchies too because I am pretty sure baby didn’t need my whole bag of doritos. Oops. So exciting to share this journey with you hunny.

  4. I had my three is the magic number baby 4 weeks ago and my older two are 5 and 7 as well. It’s a lovely gap really because they are older and can help a bit and they also understand a bit more. But what’s really lovely is that you can treat it a bit like a first baby when the older kiddos are at school but without the worry like you get with your second. I worried so much first time round that I suspect I didn’t enjoy her as much as I could have done and second time round I was so busy entertaining the older one he just had to fit in and come for the ride with playgroups etc. This time and I get lots of lovely time with him and me alone yet I’m not worried (well not ALL the time) like I was before… X

    • Oh I love hearing this that’s the exact age gap of mine too. It will be good to get that added help from the older two. Good point on the school and first baby as you get that one on one time during the day with third baby. I can’t wait. Oh I can’t wait to read all about baby milestones up to a year if you want to share on my bumps and babies linky every Thursday.


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