Pregnancy: 26 Weeks Bump Watch

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 10:12 pm

Pregnancy 26 Weeks Bump Watch pregnant diaries

Another week down, not many more to go ahead. The bump is getting heavy but tight and neat still. I haven’t fully started waddling like a duck. Not that I did with my second but boy did I with my first. It’s hard not to compare each pregnancy against the other. As all three of mine pregnancies have been completely different, I wonder if all three births will be different too. It’s hard to know what to expect when you never know how it will pan out.

You can have a birth plan which I do in a very casual, no drugs or epidural but my wanting a water birth might not ever happen. We have tried twice and had the baby before the pool had an inch of water in it. lol I am not one for making fuss over music playing in the background. That’s beautiful for some but I know myself and I know I will be screaming and won’t hear a thing anyways. I think you just know yourself and your own needs and wants and everyone expects and plans differently.

For now, I am more focused on getting my way with the baby names with hubby and this time making sure I have a hospital bag packed ahead of time as I didn’t when MM came shooting out a month early. It was more like shock and awe, do we even have a car seat ready. We did and that was it.

Pregnancy 26 Weeks Bump Watch pregnant diaries



This week the number one question everyone is asking me: ARE YOU LOSING SLEEP YET? 

It’s amazing how much people want to know what stage you are in your pregnancy. Are you peeing all the time yet? Are you losing sleep yet? Is it uncomfortable yet? It’s like they think being pregnancy we already lose dignity in other ways the personal stuff should be an open book. I just generally nod along and say things like, “getting there” or “not yet”. It’s not worth saying what I really want to like, “that’s personal how many times I pee”. They will just blame hormones which is another cop out that everyone uses just because you are pregnant. While my hormones seem to be on high alert sometimes it’s not always the reason of my out burst or irrational behavior – only sometimes the reason. hahaha!


The biggest change is baby is kicking, rolling, and pushing out elbows and feet every few minutes. It’s constant movement in there and the kids are loving feeling him move about. Even Daddy got a good soccer kick and got all excited saying he is going to be sporty because he just never stops moving and his kicks are hard and mean. No one cares that it’s making me pee myself or hurting me from the inside out. hahaha It seems baby boy likes to play soccer about 1-3 am I hope this isn’t a nocturnal baby. I am not very nice without sleep.

I have been eating far too bad and being on holiday, didn’t have any gym sessions of course either. This is not good for my healthy and fitness in the end of my pregnancy. I have a lot to catch up on and get back into a routine of things when I get home. Vacation is always a nice break but a lot of work getting back to it when it ends. I am hoping all the walking I did in Disney World will make up for it and we can call it all balanced out. Right?

Cravings, I can’t really say what was cravings this week and what was just being home with the food I am familiar with and eating all my favorite foods I have missed for so long. It’s funny living in another country, how different food can be and what you miss the most. England actually is getting more American foods imported so that is always a bonus for me. But when I go home and visit I swear I go head over heels in the grocery store the first few days, eating it all. I got stock piling my American favorites. Not good on the waistline as none of it is particularly healthy, let’s be open and honest. I do love my food though.


With 14 weeks to go it’s save to say, I need to start buying things, organizing who will pop over if the kids are home when I go into labor. I normally have fast labors so my mother in law has never had time to get here fast enough. With MM we had to run over to the neighbors to stay with B at 1 am in the morning. This time, I am due on half term so it could possibly be both kids at home during the day.  I was hoping it would happen while they were out school but I know we can’t plan these things and it never happens the easy way.

Either way, I am getting so excited for baby’s arrival!

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy: 26 Weeks Bump Watch”

  1. Wow not long to go now, exciting! It’s funny how you compare pregnancies and then labours, I almost expected the same thing to happen with Nold with going into labour but of course it didn’t and was very different! Buying all the baby bits is so exciting, enjoy! X #bumpsbabies

  2. Hope you’ve had a lovely holiday. I’m not sure that I could of done all the walking even though you’re further along than me. I love also how people think they can ask the most personal questions. It’s usually other mums who give you the knowing look which is great but not so much if you’re in the middle of a meeting at work or similar! #bumpsandbabies

    • Oh you could have the magic of Disney makes it all worth it and keeps you going. I only faltered once for about ten minutes where I just needed a break. My body is aching and tired from it now though. Hahha plenty of time to recharge before baby hatching now. I never really had a lot of the questions or comments like this in my first two but man people like to be opinionated on this one.


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