Amazon Fire HD 8 Kid’s Edition Tablet Review

Last updated on September 24th, 2020 at 01:34 pm

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 Kid's Edition review tablet

I love when technology keeps up with what we need and want in it’s functions especially when it comes to parenting and handing over these amazing technologies to our children. We want them to embrace modern technology, enjoy using it but doing so safely. Amazon Fire new Kid’s Edition tablet is doing just that by creating a tablet solely for kids. This Amazon Fire Kid’s Edition has features that make it easier to use for those younger generations, easier to navigate to find new and exciting books, apps, games, and shows, and safer with parental controls and settings you can change for each individual kid of the family.

For us, these features are a huge win. I have a four year old and a six year old and about to have a baby. With a variety of ages in the house it’s important that each child is only viewing what is age appropriate. It’s also helpful for them to find things they are more likely to be interested in on their own profiles. I also wouldn’t allow my littlest to watch as much or as long as my eldest and with time settings I can monitor this within their own profiles. So let’s go through some of my favorite features and some of my kid’s favorite features. Or you can click the video below to see it in action for yourself.


My kid’s were excited to have their own profiles custom made for them. They felt special seeing their name at the top corner when they were in their profiles saying MM’s Fire or B’s Fire. They also thought it was awesome they could choose a specific icon figure to quickly identify their own profiles. MM’s is a dog, B’s is a robot. I thought it was cool, that I could set times, control, apps etc for each individual profile as I mentioned above. Having separate profiles not only helps them find age appropriate apps, videos and books but helps them use their tablet to find other things they would enjoy that are similar to their normal activity, shows or apps they already love. MM is already hooked on a new cute show she found on her profile suggestions.

The kid’s also feel more like individuals and big kids getting that personal experience of “it’s their profile” no one else’s. I think at this stage they start to value feeling treated like a big kid and less like a baby.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 Kid's Edition review tablet


I love this section for some many reasons. One of the most exciting is for days out, and family traveling that we do it’s going to be great not packing a few books for bedtime stories when we are staying away. My kid’s love a good bedtime story and sometimes we are on vacation up to seven weeks so we can’t really bring the whole library with us nor do we want to not read for seven weeks. This is going to be fab alternative having endless options to read to while on holiday or out and about. It has easy to navigate swipe pages for the kids to turn the pages. B has already read his sister a handful of new stories since we got the tablet.

Second main love for this feature is it will cut down the cost of us constantly buying new books for them. We read so much, we do get sick of the same stories over and over but books get costly. Having so many stories we wouldn’t have read before at our fingertips is like a goldmine to our bookworm family.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 Kid's Edition review tablet


What an amazing feature and bonus to my littlest who is certain character obsessed. She can click on the characters section and search by favorite characters like Peppa Pig. Once she finds the section with Peppa Pig on it, it lists all the things you can do from videos, books to apps and games all with Peppa Pig in it. Saving her time searching through each individual video or app section.

It also is a great way for the kids to see which of their favorite characters are on their tablet and get to know some new characters and what they have to offer on their tablet. Sometimes I feel like they watch or play the same apps over and over. This gives them so much more to choose from and vary.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 Kid's Edition review tablet


The camera is quality and clear. MM is especially keen to walk around like her mommy taking photos of everyone and everything with her tablet. B is the perfect model for her at times, it’s so cute. He will sit and pose for her and she will take hundreds of him and then attempt selfies. With forward and backward facing cameras this is fab feature.

I love this as the HD 8 is super light and she can take photos from her own perspective on our days out and holidays too. It’s amazing to see their adventures from their side.


Overall, it’s a durable, light weight, easy to user tablet that was made perfectly for kid’s user experience. It’s a real tablet made with all the features that help our young generation learn, be entertained with parent’s concerns of safety and security in mind too. I was very impressed with it. I think it’s the perfect step for younger kids to get use to using technology while teaching them the dangers of the web and steps towards safety while they are having fun.

See the new Fire HD 8 Kid’s Edition in action from my two kid’s user experience here below:


*Collaboration with Mumsnet & Amazon UK, all opinions and photos/videos are my own. 


19 thoughts on “Amazon Fire HD 8 Kid’s Edition Tablet Review”

    • They are great. Definitely made with kids in mind. I need to get another one for my son so he can have his own. Although may save it for xmas as baby boy will eventually need his own too. Makes it easier. lol

  1. I love my Kindle – especially when we’re travelling – and now my daughter is reading, and also old enough to want to press ALL the buttons on a tablet, I love the idea of her having her own with safeguards like this.

    • It’s great to have all the reading too you don’t have to pack books for traveling for bedtime stories either. Love that character tab to find new ones to watch and love instead of the same ones over and over. 😉

  2. Lili and Poppy both have an Amazon Fire tablet and LOVE them! They’ve easily been the best birthday present either one has received, they literally play on them at some point every day. The new Fire8 looks and sounds brilliant, Iris is two next month, what do you think too young?! Great review Jen and well done to your little helps too xx

  3. We’ve been looking at getting one of these for our son, it’s such a good size for little hands. I think the being able to select characters may just swing it for me… we have a similarly Peppa obsessed child!

    • Oh I love the character tab we have found so many new things to watch and love instead of the same thing over and over. Well worth it for that too. I need to get my son his own.

  4. What a great and thorough review Jenny! I love the fact that you don’t need to take all the books on holiday but new reading material is at their finger tips. So great for long journeys

  5. My nieces and nephews all got these for Christmas and loved them! With my girls tablets getting old and glitchy I’d definitely consider getting one of these for my seven year old. x


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