Off to Florida, Gurgle Magazine, and a Fashion Vlog #littleloves

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:55 pm

It’s the weekend and February half term! No more school and no more work!

We were cheeky and started our weekend a day early to head to Walt Disney World Florida for half term. It’s our first trip there and I am hoping it all goes smoothly, the weather doesn’t disappoint and nobody gets ill or needs a hospital. If you read my blog, or know me you will know why I said the latter. Fingers crossed for us please. I hope you all will follow along our many Mickey adventures over on ig stories and instagram each day. We can’t wait to spam you and share more when we get back.

So grab a cuppa, a piece of cake, and let’s share what we have been loving this week. 



I am always done with Night Circus and I think I will finish it on the plane so I packed this pretty beauty for my next read. About Last Night by Catherine Alliott. I always like a big of chic lit, light reading on holiday where I can nip in and out of it as I go along whether it’s a few chapters by the pool, a little on the plane, or I daresay waiting in line at Disney World with Daddy and the kids on a ride I can’t get on because I am pregnant. I am prepared for it.

The I have about seven books waiting on the shelf to read and share with you when I get back. I am still doing well with my book a week challenge. I really hope I can make it a whole year. It might falter when baby arrives. 


I have some exciting news, I am featured in Gurgle Magazine March Edition with a few other pregnancy bloggers. It was such a lovely honor that they asked me to feature and I can’t wait to scoop up my copy. Do check it out please!

Featuring in Gurgle Magazine baby magazine March Edition

Have you watched my latest vlog? I am keeping up with another challenge of uploading a vlog every Wednesday (or every week if deadlines change) hahaha And this week I am so excited to have a guest on my channel the lovely and beautiful Kerri-Ann Hargreaves from Life as Our Little Family sharing her love for fashion and teaching us a whole lot of seasonal tips and tricks along the way. Please watch and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss another vlog. I will be sharing more room tours, home interior hauls, shopping hauls, and some fun recipes coming up. Stay tuned!


It’s been absolutely freezing in England this week. It got to -4.5 Degrees C on the school run on Wednesday and froze everything in site where we live. Not a pretty snow but a frosty, icy kind of day. It didn’t warm up before we left for Florida. I am very nervous we will be all ill just from the huge climate change from -4.5 to 28 degrees. EEEK. On another note I have been knit long sweaters with bodycon dresses and longer tank tops as my go to comfy and stylish pregnancy outfits at the moment. You can see my pale pink one above in my video or this lush grey one below. And even if you look closer I have a burgundy one above in my reading and coffee snap. I got all three from Forever 21 at bargain prices and they are so comfortable. I love them.


We made the effort to go the park with Granny for a big bike ride, fresh air and quality time before we left. We hadn’t seen her in a few weeks and the kid’s just adore her. We also caught up with Granddad for a lovely dinner out. The kids love how silly he is and he never seizes to make them laugh. We also had a few playdates with friends we hadn’t seen in a while before we left. It’s always nice to keep those relationships going. We tend to make sure to make the effort and see everyone before holidays and before half terms where we don’t really see anyone for awhile as they might be away or we are.


My little hashtag community that’s not so little anymore is brightening up. Roll on spring. You can see in everyone’s beautiful feeds the days are getting lighter and everyone is getting a whole lot happier snapping up smiles and play times. Click the photo below to see these great instagrammers in action. Or click my badge below to follow me.

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10 thoughts on “Off to Florida, Gurgle Magazine, and a Fashion Vlog #littleloves”

  1. I can’t wait to catch some time later to watch your vlog with KA she’s one of my faves and I love her style! Congrats on being in gurgle how wonderful! Loving following your Disney trip so far on instagram (glad to see you all able to get back up after the little illness set back) enjoy x

  2. I love that grey cardigan.
    I watched your interview with Keri-Ann when I was prepping dinner one day. It was really lovely to watch, I really enjoyed it.
    Hope you have an amazing holiday xx


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