Letters to him & her ~ #24

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:28 pm

Writing weekly letters to my kids him & her


B, my little first born how little you are not anymore. School is starting soon, how did this happen. I remember at the start of this year thinking we have a few months to make it a great one for you to remember being at home with the family before September was upon us. How quickly the last few months have gone and the next two are going to fly by in America like they did last year. We will have only landed back home the week before it all starts. So many new things are about to happen for you. While I was so very emotional this week saying goodbye to your nursery and seeing your graduation photo, I also know I will be happy and excited for you when I drop you off at the school doors. I hope you are like your momma and love school. I know you are eager to learn, want to know things and will do great at the school we got you into. I have finally come to terms its the best place for you and everything happens for a reason in that respect. You have grown so tall lately and your voice and speech is a lot more clearer somehow you just went from my first born baby to my first one starting school in truly a blink of an eye. I am glad I have documented as much as I possibly can here on this very blog for you to recall later and for me to recall later. That is really why this space started in the first place. When I miss you while you are in class I can look back at all our adventures and be excited for the next chapter in our lives together. 


Writing weekly letters to my kids him & her her

MM, or shall I just call you Audrey Hepburn. Your fashion sense is flooding in and you want to dress yourself, go shopping, pick out your own things and really have the attitude and poses to go along with your style. I love seeing your personality forming and you becoming your own little person. You truly are becoming a lovely little girl with a fiery side. I love that you are the easy, quiet one until someone does something you don’t agree with and boy do you let them know. It’s not necessarily a bad trait to have in life. I often wonder will we get along like I do with my mother in the future or will be butt heads? I hope it’s the first and not the latter. I would love us to be close but I know I am your mother and not here to be your best friend so I am prepared for a little back and forth. Sometimes you might even hate me at times but whatever it is I am only doing it out of the love I have for you. At the moment, your tantrums are coming in full force, you definitely got the memo you are turning two in just five short days. I say go for it girl, I am ready. You have been the best pregnancy, the best birth, and the best baby I could ever ask for so easy going and just along for the ride, your time is due to make an impression. I daresay it will be a good one if this week is anything to go by. I love you all the more darling always remember that. Somehow it’s easier to watch you tantrum and stay smiling myself with those cute pigtails and diva sunglasses on. Two things you never let Mommy forget before we leave the house at the moment. Maybe one day you can help Mommy on her fashion sense although that seems to be your brother’s job lately too. Either way, I am loving the changes in you lately and excited to see how much you will change in America this summer. 

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8 thoughts on “Letters to him & her ~ #24”

  1. Loved reading this Jenny, they’re so adorable! I am feeling the same about the schooling situation, it’s a toughie.. and as for MM, how adorable are those sunglasses and pig tails? butter wouldnt melt! the two things that can mask the tiger inside waiting to make the appearance and show the world they mean boss right?! H’s nickname is tiger from her Grampy! lol x

  2. The Tubblet starts secondary school next September. It’s amazing how quickly time flies. Hope they settle well.. Beautiful photos and a lovely letter for them to read when they’re older

  3. Oh they’re both just adorable – and B has got so big all of a sudden! I hope you have a wonderful time in the States and I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures again this year 🙂

  4. Oh I love that photo of MM. Such style and poise!

    I feel the same about N as you do. I loved school too, and just hope he does too (especially as his dad really hated school and always moans about school at any chance he gets. Hopefully N will take after me and at least try.


  5. Oh they are both just too cool in their sunglasses! Toby turns two in a couple of weeks too and we are definitely getting the tantrums here too! I can’t wait to see what you get up to in America this summer – I remember reading your updates last year, I can’t believe that’s a whole year ago already!

    • Thank you Sarah, they thought they really were the coolest kids on the block. I love them when they are happy and being silly. Those are some of my favorite moments when they show their little personalities.


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