Me & Mine {April 2016}

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As you read this, we are hopefully soaking up sun rays on a beach in Spain but of course looking at the forecast now, as I type this, we might be hiding under an umbrella instead. Either way, it’s warmer than home right now. I can’t believe how weird the weather has been this April. One day last week, I think we had all four seasons in the space of an hour. The skies really didn’t know what to do. 

B has been loving wearing his uniform shorts to school so much so he had a total meltdown the last few days because he had to wear pants again. “But Mommy its summer now why do I have to wear pants again?” he asked. The only reply I had was, “get used to it, we live in England.” lol I am already for it to be summer and warm. The kids have all their vibrant warm weather clothes ready to be worn out and stained on and I am ready for flip flops! Who is with me? Me and Mine Project April 2016 family photos

This month, has been very so busy for us we haven’t really been home to capture us as a family. Sometimes when you are constantly on the go, it’s hard to get the opportunity to get us four together for a quick snap. The beginning of the month we were still in Ireland with family from the Easter holidays and half term for B. When we came home it was a sea of christening, birthday parties, classes and either myself or husband working away for a few days. It’s like our house hasn’t been lived in much, this month, clearly why its been more tidy than normal too. We are ending April with our friends in Spain for some much needed sunshine and chill out time. Phew… 

 Me and Mine Project April 2016


Taking the Ferry over to Ireland to see Family.

The week of nice weather we had (that’s summer over folks haha).

Flying to Spain to see friends.

Biking riding in the park.

Sidewalk chalk and drawing silly faces.

Getting the kids more involved in cooking dinner each night.

I am looking at our calendar for May and I don’t think it slows down much. We have MM’s birthday coming up soon too. How do I have an almost three year old I will never know. Isn’t she still being swaddled and learning how to say, “momma”. Nope, that’s over and she even started calling me, MOM. I can’t take it. I tried ignoring it thinking it will be a funny phase or copying someone. I tried correcting her. In our house, we are officially just Mom and Dad which not only makes them seem more grown up but makes us feel that much older. All I say is, roll on summer for our time in America. Hope you aren’t sick of our USA spamming on instagram because it’s almost that time again folks.

Me and Mine Project April 2016 family photos

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29 thoughts on “Me & Mine {April 2016}”

  1. Awww I love school boys in their little shorts. Ethan managed a week in his this month too, much to his disappointment too that the following week was like winter…England indeed!
    I love the sunny pics you have though to show we did have some lush weather this month, lets hope it returns, And I hope you have a wonderful trip to Spain x

  2. Looks like a jam-packed but fun-filled April, Jenny! So nice to have so many fun memories behind you! I am TOTALLY with you on the uniform front… Ava is desperate to wear her little checked summer dress, but the weather is doing crazy things. On a single school run last week there was sunshine, rain, hail and snow! And its almost May!! Absolute madness! Hoping May is a little quieter for you, and that you have a lovely time away in Spain!

    • Yes it was a beautiful weekend away with friends and the kids had a blast as they always do with their friends too. We got lucky with the weather too. Bonus.

  3. Oh I’m totally with you on being ready for the summer – poor Kitty has been so desperate to wear her summer dress (and her school skirt is getting far too short!) that she’s been wearing it with winter tights and a jumper! Fingers crossed you’re having a wonderful time in Spain and you’ll all come back with enviable tans!!

  4. Aww love the photos! I know what you mean about it being tougher to capture a photo the more you do – ours has been like that this month too! You’d think trips away and days out would give so much opportunity for them but for me its the opposite! xx

  5. I cannot wait to get the flip flops out, this weather is driving me crazy. Lovely photos, even with a busy month its nice just to capture a little family snap, which is one thing I am grateful for the Me and Mine project for. x

  6. Lovely photos! Eeek Miss C started calling me Mum just this year. She’s almost 7 but it was so harsh! Having said that, she stopped calling her Dad Daddy ages ago so I feel kind of honoured Mummy stuck for longer.

  7. Gorgeous photos of you all Jenny, it sounds like you have been so busy what with all your trips to Ireland and Spain! The sun is finally shining here in the UK at least- whether it lasts though! xx

    • Thanks Katie, yes we have been trying to catch up with friends and family as much as possible this year. And see the sun wherever we can too! Glad it’s been showing it’s face here in the UK too may it long last.

    • Who doesn’t love flip flops. I could live in them all year round if the weather permitted me to do so. Thanks hunny family selfies are my fave.


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