Me & Mine {February 2016}

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Happy Leap Year!

Today only comes round once every four years and I am taking a moment on this special day to take in all that’s around me in the happiest, most positive way. Last month, was a gloomy Me & Mine from us as so much wasn’t going right and that’s life it changes as fast as the wind direction. This month has been kinder, happier, and full of memorable moments. 

The kids have never been busier with half term adventures to SeaLife, crafts and playdates at home, and Grandma coming to visit with us which saw us this weekend at Sandcastle Water Park and Blackpool Zoo. Mommy has never been happier with Grandma here for Mother’s Day, a trip to London and bonding with the kids. We have definitely been on the go more lately. I think the kids are always happier when we are out and about even if it’s just to the park or out front of our very house. They like to run wild and free and use up that high energy they both store up. 

Me & Mine February 2016

We often park hop around where we live and haven’t had the opportunity to do it in a long time due to illnesses and horrible weather conditions. As always, the week my mother arrives is always sunny. It’s quickly becoming a standing joke as it’s been eight years in a row like that for her. This year has been no different and the evenings are getting lighter too. Hurray! I keep saying she needs to move here and maybe the sun would stay out for us all the time.

We had a lovely family day out at a local park near us. The kids were giddy waiting to feed the ducks and Mr P and I were ever so excited to see blue skies above us. It was cold but we wrapped up warm as best we could to brave the wind. We spent the morning exploring the woodlands, feeding ducks and swans, and playing on the play park afterwards. I could see the kids brighten up as they do every time we come to this park. It’s our true happy place. Me & Mine February 2016 Me & Mine February 2016


Lighter evenings.

Golf season starting.

New golf clubs (there is a pattern here).


Grandma coming to visit for three weeks.

Spending Mother’s Day soon with Grandma here.

Watching Grandma bond with the kids.


Going to SeaLife and having one on one day with Mommy.

Spending the weekend in Blackpool with Grandma swimming and the Zoo.

Baking with Mommy and MM Eggless Sugar Cookies.


 Her new monkey to sleep with from the Zoo from Grandma.

Helping Mommy and Grandma bake and cook in the kitchen.

Swimming  and the slides at Sandcastle in Blackpool.

Me & Mine February 2016

It’s been a very short quick month for February this year, and that’s what I love about February. We have so much to look forward to as Spring arrives and celebrations of Mother’s Day, Easter and my mother being with us for awhile. We have lots of mini weekend getaways planned in the coming months to share too. The kids are growing up so fast on me and time just seems to fly by faster as they grow. 

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27 thoughts on “Me & Mine {February 2016}”

  1. I love your beautiful photos, you all look relaxed and happy, and they are so bright and sunny too. I am so happy its getting lighter on a night too! So pleased to hear that you have had a much better month, and that your Mum is there to stay for a while, it must be hard with her living so far away. I am so excited for March too, I cant wait for spring!

    • We are loving having her visiting us for the past few weeks don’t want her to go back home. Typical. lol But we have had a lovely time with Mother’s Day while she was here.

  2. Oh I’m so glad your February has been an improvement on January – isn’t it a breath of fresh air after a tough wintery start to the year! And yay for the sunshine – maybe your Mum could come and stay more often; I think we could have done with her being around in December!! Have a lovely time while she’d here -and long may the sun shine 🙂

  3. Happy leap day!! How lovely that your mum has come over for a nice long visit. My mum came up to help me with the girls over half term, which was amazing. And she’s coming back for a couple of weeks once the baby is born and Dom goes back to work. Like you, I love having her with me! She’s my best friend and I miss her so much when she’s in Wales.

    These pictures are so beautifully bright and full of winter sunshine.

  4. Sounds like you have a had a busy but fun month. I loved half term it’s great having the kids reunited! I am also loving the lighter evenings, Spring is almost here which makes me happy. It’s lovely your Mum is here to visit I hope she enjoys her stay xx

  5. They are such lovely photos and the one where you are all walking away is just beautiful. February is always a weird one for us, most often with illness but with a real appreciation of the beautiful sunsets and sunrises x

  6. How lovely that you’re spending time with your Mum and to see her spending time with your littles too, precious times. Spring is another addiction to create a better mindset too right? Hope you’re feeling better after your op X x

    • Oh thank you Alex we love a good door backdrop. The kids actually were participating too which was a bonus. Need to get more creative though with our family captures. I really wanted more action but those are hard to take myself. lol


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