April Me & Mine Family Project

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:57 pm

family photoshoot on the beach family photos me & mine april

It’s our very last month of being a family of four. I have been told by the consultant they want to induce me early due to baby showing up bigger on growth chart than he should be and while I have refused to do it this week they say they won’t let me go full term and will induce me before my due date. Therefore, I already know by end of May our little boy will be here and our Me and Mine next month will have a new addition to the family. I am so excited for his arrival.

Our family has had busy month and so much going on but I know a new baby will just slot in like he has always been apart of the family. I have my routine plans in place for school runs and after school activities with baby along for the ride. It feels like these last few weeks have just stopped. The kids are overly excited and are as impatient as I am about his arrival.

I always imagined having three kids. The family dynamics that come along with three is precious I think. It’s nice that my middle one is a girl too making it extra special for her having a big protective brother and a little brother to mother. She definitely will be a second momma to this baby. It will be so cute watching the bonding relationships form between them all. I know my two older ones will stay just as close as they always have been but adding another sibling to the mix is so special too.

family photoshoot on the beach family photos me & mine april

family photoshoot on the beach family photos me & mine april

family photoshoot on the beach family photos me & mine april

family photoshoot on the beach family photos me & mine april



Lighter and longer days.

Preparing for baby’s arrival.

Celebrating my baby shower with family and friends.


Warmed days for golf.

Buba starting golf lessons and a huge interest in his favorite sport.

Two of his friends have baby’s due the same day as us so he is loving the competition who arrives first!


Playing golf with Daddy.

Helping Mommy prepare for baby brother.

Having friends over on the bouncy castle.


Wearing her school summer dress for the first time ever.

Excitement over baby brother arriving.

Riding her bike with no help anymore to start or stop.


Mommy swimming at the gym.

Mommy constantly eating.

His brother and sister singing to him in my belly.

family photoshoot on the beach family photos me & mine april

We had these photos taken as part of my maternity photoshoot. But I didn’t want to share the candid snaps until now as our final family of four shots. They are informal and casual and that’s why I love them so much. Robyn Swain did my maternity snaps so lovely. It really shows our true family dynamics as it is right now. MM with her wild ways and cardigan always hung off her shoulders, B with his over excited facial expressions such a happy, go lucky boy and Daddy laughing at the rest of us because he really does hate his photo taken but was such a trooper.

There is no dying that this baby will know his siblings’ voice when he arrives. They have been glued to my belly like kittens to their mother for milk. They talk to him, shout his name, tell him stories and sing to him. They love rubbing lotion on him and watching him kick and roll around in my belly when it goes all funny shaped. Baby’s head is engaged and he is ready not it’s just the waiting game. Daddy is ready for him to arrive. He gets anxious at the end just wanting to know he is healthy and alright when he is born. I love the excitement of it all the birth, what’s to come ahead. Everyone around us seems to want to rush this last few weeks as much as we do. I keep getting asked am I overdue yet and I keep saying technically I have three weeks until due date people calm down. I think because I had my last a month early and a lot of friends know that they just thought the same would happen and they  have cut the last month of my pregnancy off for me. It’s a catch 22 wanting him to be here so badly but also not wanting to rush your very last baby, and your last pregnancy. I want to remember this bit forever. It’s a big milestone to know you aren’t having anymore children. While I actually would go for a fourth, hubby is officially and truly done with three. So our final number is a family of five and I am so grateful for that.family photoshoot on the beach family photos me & mine april

11 thoughts on “April Me & Mine Family Project”

  1. These are gorgeous Jenny and you look amazing, look at that beautiful bump. I can’t believe you will have another little member of the gang soon, very exciting month for you. Good luck with it all and I can’t wait for the announcement of his arrival x

  2. Absolutely stunning pictures – you look so beautiful here and your family so happy! Good luck with the soon-labour! I will have my baby in May too, as my due date is smack bang in the middle, so I’ll either go naturally or be induced before May is out 🙂

  3. Jenny these are absolutely stunning – you all look so happy and relaxed. Such a special time in your family’s life – I’m so excited to see your next month’s photos!

  4. Such a gorgeous photo shooting. I have been thinking of doing a photo shooting with the family too as we haven’t had one since Chloe was born which is over three years ago. Beach would be the best to do it as both love the beach. #meandmine


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