A kid’s toothbrush that can never fall over

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My two kids have a little obsession with brushing their teeth. As a parent this is the best form of obsession to have especially while they are so little. You can say, “it’s time to brush your teeth” and they will see who can get there the fastest. We even have tantrums from the littlest tot when it’s time to put the toothbrush away. It’s great because I know some of my friends who have children they have to fight and battle every single morning and night to get them to brush their teeth. I can’t imagine that fitting in with everything we have going on on a daily basis already.

One thing that always grosses me out is laying a toothbrush down on the side of the sink. Oh the germs, I scream! I have always had a toothbrush holder to cage all our toothbrushes in the house but even those get slimey and gross at the bottom after time. I was so impressed to be introduced to The Rockabilly Kids toothbrushes! “The fun,hygienic, money saving, toothbrush!” 

They really couldn’t have nailed it any better. The shape and weight balance ensures it never falls over. The colours and characters are so fun and perfect for the tots, there are many to choose from too. They are money saving as they come with extra toothbrush heads so you aren’t buying a whole new toothbrush every time.

My kids were very enthusiastic when I showed them what I had for them. Missy Moo has the pink baking one called Chef Cheryl for her new found love for helping Mommy in the kitchen and Buba has the blue space boy called Astronaut Andy for his love for the colour blue in everything.
The Rockabilly Kids toothbrush
I think the first night the kids used their new toothbrushes they brushed their teeth for the longest time ever. They were all too keen to do it all over in the morning. Although Missy Moo finds it highly entertaining and hilarious to watch Buba hold the toothbrush flat on the side of the sink and it pop up on its own. It’s magical to her! I love seeing things through the innocent eyes of a toddler. Life must seem so simple to them. This just means brushing their teeth “time” just got a whole lot longer and more silly but I always say laughing will make you live longer.

Its great that the toothbrushes come with three extra heads so you have four heads to start with. I was constantly buying new toothbrushes for the kids but it’s handy that I can just put a new head on it instead of buying a whole new toothbrush.
The Rockabilly Kids Toothbrush
They had on their matching Christmas pyjamas for the special occasion of using their new toothbrushes. As I said, brushing teeth is a big deal in this house so any excuse to bring out their special Christmas pyjamas they will use it. The Rockabilly Kids ToothbrushThe Rockabilly Kids Toothbrush
As you can see their Rockabilly toothbrushes end up nice and clean on the side of the sink, standing up on their own. No toothbrush dish to rust on that sink, or to get slimey on the bottom, no toothbrush heads touching any germs. All this leaves the kids highly entertained and the parents happy. I was pleased the kids loved them so much.
The Rockabilly Kids Toothbrush
* We were sent these toothbrushes for the purpose of this review but all opinions are our own.

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  1. LP has the spaceman toothbrush and loves it, it’s so easy for her to hold and to put down by herself without having to put it in a hole in the toothbrush holder x

  2. These look great and love the fact they stand up without falling over. Think my girls would love these – perhaps it would also reconcile Sophie to having her teeth brushed without objecting constantly to it! #triedtested


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