A new year, reflecting back & looking forward

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Happy New Year Happy New Year!

Last year was my first official whole year of blogging and oh the things that have happened and changed over the past year. 2014 was a great one for us as a family and me as a person. I have learned more and grown more in the last year than I think any other year that I have been alive. True fact!  

I survived a whole year of being a mother of two. Missy Moo was born in 2013 so it was my first official whole year of taking them both on while working full-time from home. A challenge in itself to survive. 

We have had the pleasure of being state side for two whole months and can’t wait to do it again this summer with my American family. It’s amazing that the kids get to experience both worlds, both cultures, both families. We floated the river, we experienced fourth of July, making memories with besties, there really is no place like home.

My blog went from being just a family record of our adventures to a full-time job in less than six months and the last six months of the past year were the busiest I have ever been ever! I look back and think how did I not kill over once or twice. 

Well I did, the end of the year saw me as sick as I have ever been. Weeks and weeks of coughing and fighting to breathe almost did kill me over. I pushed through it being the stubborn bull that I am not wanting to rest and take time off any of it. I attend Blogfest with a bottle of cough syrup and twenty packs of cough drops just to make it through the day. The bloggers that I met or hung out with will vouch how sick I was and come Christmas I didn’t sound any better. I have vlogged both on my channel and MumTalkTV with a scratching, aching throat and sniffles in between takes. My main point is I was hurting myself with my urge to keep going. I was not getting any better.

So at the end of 2014, an amazing year, I had changed completely. The world of blogging had really changed my life, I blog about it more here.  I learned more about myself in one year than I ever have. What my capabilities were and were not. I pushed myself too far sometimes and not far enough other times but I think after a year of it all: family, kids, work, play, and illness I am finding a balance. 

I kept my xmas promise, by taking two full weeks off work and spending time with my little ones. Precious time while they are still young, still at home with me because we all know how fast it really goes. Buba started school this year and I am focusing on making the next few months of him still at home with us the best, most adventurous months I can! Taking time off blogging was so hard for me. There were so many days I thought I could just write this or that and schedule it but that would be cheating as that’s not time off. I put the laptop away and I went in and out of twitter and instagram but not on my blog. There were times I felt like I was missing out and would never catch up if I didn’t get online and other times where I saw logic and laid on the carpet playing in the kid’s kitchen with them instead, not thinking about it, at all.  Happy New YearSo as I start 2015, I will not write a long list of new year’s resolutions that I will never keep. A list of goals in my head will remain there and hopefully some will be achieved but as I read other blogs and their new year’s resolution I keep coming back to just one word…


I need to find balance so I am healthy, I am happy, and so I feel fulfilled yet am not missing out on my kids or my work opportunities. It isn’t something that will be easy but I feel like I have more of a grasp on it with time off. I will be better with time management and therefore will help me balance everything on my very full plate. 

One thing I need to learn is “one cannot possibly do it all”. It’s the one thing I try to pretend I can do but I can’t. If I want to get back to being healthy and staying that way for myself and my beautiful family, balance is a necessity! I need to learn to say, “no” more something I cringe to do!

I hope that 2015 brings all of you what you wish for, strive for and want. I also hope it’s full of fun, love and laughter because those all make up a beautiful life that we only get to live once.

“Life is about the quality of it

not the quantity of things in it!”

I think I was greedy in 2014 wanting it all for myself, my blog and my kids. 2015 will be more about enjoying life and what I already have to share right in front of me. 

If you have any amazing “life balance” tips please comment below. Would love to hear them on my new journey to take one day at a time and stop rushing around so much with my head cut off! 





18 thoughts on “A new year, reflecting back & looking forward”

  1. 2014 has been a heck of a year for you, so busy with so many opportunities. But I definitely think striving for balance in 2015 is a good idea. If your super ill December was anything to go by, you need to find time to take time out too. And I think girls weekends are a good place to start! 😉 x

    • Oh you took the words out of my mouth. So true!!!! I think the first year of getting established and learning about it all is always going to be more than other years where uou kbow what yoh are doing more and dont have to learn every little thing. Thanks hunny. I cant wait till our girlie weekend. Its going to be awesome.

  2. I love that so many people are not doing resolutions but instead using a word or two to inspire them for the year ahead. I think balance is a great one for you and I hope you keep warding off that sickness! Hope to see you soon xxx

    • Thanks Lisa. I know I was glad to see others do the same. I think when we make big long lists they are never realistic to achieve them all and if we all just try to change or do one thing or one word each year it’s easier to achieve and be happy with ourselves.Happy New Year lovely.

    • I hope you are right. hahaha It really is a challenge but one that is a must or I will go back to being so sick again. Hope you had a great christmas lovely.

  3. Great post and I totally understand where you are coming from. I have followed your blog for a while now and think it’s fab. Can’t wait to see how 2015 evolves for you.

    • Thank you so much that means the world to me to even hear someone reads it and comes back for more. Lol its been a great first year of blogging and i cant wait to see what happens in 2015.

  4. I’m sort of grappling with the same balance issue. I just got my first post graduation interview, and the position is on-call, but I’m afraid if I get the job, it might take too much away from my home life. Rynne was very young when I was in the military so she doesn’t really remember me being at work a lot, but Bubby does. Maybe I’m making mountains out of mole hills, but because of our military background, I worry about it.

  5. I think that we all come to this point a little in blogging Jenny. I and I know Lucy will say the same, used to write every day and constantly feel like I needed to have content up on my blog. But it gets to the point where you just almost burn out and need to take some time to reflect. You may still post every day but you just find ways of becoming more content. That is definitely my goal for 2015- to enjoy things more, to live in the moment and to take a step back and put away my phone a little more. I also want to have a lot of adventures before Mads starts school in September. I hope that this year is amazing for you and I hope for lots more meet ups! I also hope that your blog gets lots of opportunities and you continue to do well- you so deserve it! x

    • Thank you so much katie. Me too. Phone down and lots more adventures. I was looking back thinking we didn’t do enough kid adventures last year. My goal for the next few months is to make it magical for buba before he starts school too. Life is too short not to. Yes I think you are right. My first year and I think most people’s first year you have the feeling that you have to keep growing and building and working hard to get to a place not sure where that is but after the year is over you think okay life needs to be lived too! lol The balance slowly comes afterwards I think.

  6. It sounds like 2014 was a truly amazing year for you and I’m thrilled for you that you had so many lovely opportunities. And as for that elusive balance – well I’ve still yet to really work it out but I try to tell myself that if in doubt the answer is always to step away from the internet – it’ll still be there in the morning! And nothing is worth making yourself properly sick for – you wouldn’t do it for an employed job so why should that change because you’re working for yourself?

  7. Balance is a great word to sum up goals for the New Year Jenny. I think for me it is much the same really! I tend to let things overwhelm me a bit, to the point where I feel run-down, and that’s not helpful for anyone! I’m so excited to see Let’s Talk Mommy grow and grow in this new year. You are one of the loveliest, most committed bloggers, and definitely deserve every good and lovely thing that comes your way xxx

    • Oh Emma stop.. you are going to make me cry. Thank you ever so much. I couldn’t do it without all my readers and those that support me so much and many (like yourself) who I can call my ‘real’ life friend. Can’t wait to see you in March!!! Definitely catch up loads! 🙂

  8. I can completely relate to this post. I have been pretty much full steam ahead with blogging since I started properly 18 ish months ago. I could do with a break and this year it will definitely be about balance! x


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