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Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:17 am

family momentsAs we start a new year together as a family a four we look back and are grateful for the amazing year behind us but also look forward to the many things to come in the future together. Over Christmas we had many little family moments and family adventures together. 

Life gets busy with work and play, during the year, it’s nice to sit back and enjoy the smallest things like breakfast together or going on a nature walk during the holidays. Where everything and everyone seems to realize that we need to relax a bit more and slow down to enjoy life’s greatest gifts. 

Here is one of my favorite moments over the holidays together as a family! 

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    • I agree, whilst I work from home it’s still weird to think tomorrow it’s back to the busy life we lead. Getting up, dressed, and ready to take it all on again. Another year gone. It’s going so fast and the busier we get the fast it flies and I feel like sometimes I am missing it all because I may blink just a little too long. Thanks hunny. Happy New Year to you all too!

    • Me too, it was much needed time off. I wish I had just one more week off so that I could really do nothing, Christmas is also hectic lots of cleaning, preparing and cooking for everyone else! lol Happy New Year

  1. Oh that’s a gorgeous photo, and it sounds like you had a wonderful break – I just wish it was longer, I’ve really loved having so much time to just be together without the pressure of having to do anything in particular!

    • Exactly. Me too. I only wish we get a week off where there isnt presents to wrap or cooking or cleaning or putting xmas away. Where there is nothing but moments with the kids and no chores. Wouldnt that be amazing.


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