Suits, cupcakes, and my momma #littleloves

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:19 am

It’s Friday and do you know what I am doing this very moment as you read this, I am driving with your beautiful host, Morgana and we are off for a girlie spa weekend away with our amazing friends DearBeautiful and MummyDaddyMe. To say I am excited doesn’t classify it close enough. I have never been away from the kids this long and on a girlie holiday either minus a very pregnant me at bachelorette party in Amsterdam. We won’t go there. Blogging has changed my life and I have made some life long “real” friends in the process and I am forever grateful for it all. I have been looking forward to this weekend for A VERY long time.

So while I drive across England here is my #littleloves for this week. 


This week has been jam packed full of good blog reads and I wish I could list them all here. I have read over 250 blog posts (phew*) this week alone and amazed at how many great posts are being written each and every day. If I had more time to read and comment on more I would. My book days are few and far between and I love finding a blog I love because it’s never ending. There will be more posts and more to look forward to. Here are a few recommendations for a good read!  

Honest Mum – I Am Not Super Woman

Bump To Baby – My Better Place

Capture By Lucy – Wishes For My Eldest Son

Not A Frumpy Mum – Why I’ll Never Be Outstanding


Once again it’s my voice on MumTalkTV sharing my home decor haul! Would love you all to stop by and comment and let me know what you think of my recent home accessories!


We just started the very first series of “Suits” and have the entire box set to work our way through which will take us awhile but so excited. I am loving it and it’s definitely a great show if you like detective, lawyer type shows! 🙂


I have been wearing new makeup and a new beauty look. After finding my must have mascara, I also introduced myself to a makeup shopping spree in Mark & Spencer no doubt. A place I never thought to scope out new beauty products but raving about them so much already. 

My Beauty Haul Marks & Spencers Makeup Haul Shopping


I have been baking up a storm for my lovely ladies this weekend and while there is no recipe to share here is a sneak peak at some goodies for our trip. 

Easter cupcakes recipe

And lastly… 

I am so excited that in just a few weeks my momma will be here and I can’t tell you how amazing that will be. She is coming over for her 60th birthday celebrations and we are surprising her with a special Mother/Daughter trip to Venice, Italy. I can’t wait to spoil her and hug her and have coffee and cake like normal moms and daughters do. I can’t wait for the kids to play with Grandma and not just see her in a laptop on FaceTime. I get emotional and teary just thinking that she isn’t closer to be more a part of our daily lives. We are going to make the most of the two weeks she is here and I can’t wait to share it with you all too. My Momma is amazing!

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34 thoughts on “Suits, cupcakes, and my momma #littleloves”

  1. Thanks so much for including me in this fab round-up, touched! Have an amazing spa weekend too, blogging is incredible for friendship. I bet you can’t wait for your Mum to arrive, Venice will be amazing. Love your video, you look beautiful and are a total natural. Thanks again and have a gorgeous weekend x

    • Thanks hunny for your lovely comment. Glad you liked my home decor haul. I have a lot more practicing to go though on camera. Hahaha love suits we are watching the box set for still on season one! Lol

  2. Have a great weekend Jenny, with the girls. I’m sure you are excited to see your Mum soon too, but just think, if you didn’t live so far apart you may not get the opportunity to do fabulous things like visit Venice together! Enjoy!

  3. Aww that will be so lovely for you and the kids having your mum over to visit and what a fab special surprise trip you have planned for her. Those cakes look so yummy! Hope you all have an amazing pampering weekend! My littlest has just gone for a nap so I’m away to watch your home decor haul xx

  4. Lovely! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, blogging is such a fantastic thing! Aw how lovely your Mum is coming, so lovely. I have this relationship with my Dad, the coffee and cake eating – best friend! xx

  5. I love that picture of your cupcakes and I’m excited to see your home decor haul!! I can imagine how excited you are for spending some time with your mom and especially getting to do it child free in Venice. I think other than one weekend with my mum and sister when JJ was about 2 and EJ wasn’t around yet, I have not spent any time on my own with my mum since having kids and I can imagine it must be lovely, but then you don’t get to see her very often! Have a wonderful time at Center Parcs with the girls. #welljel 😉 X #littleloves

  6. Have an awesome weekend!!
    Your cupcakes look amazeballs…it’s given me a cakey craving (although I’m too lazy to actually make them so it’s off to the shop I go) xx

  7. How exciting that your mum is coming over! Makes me a little teary that you are surprising her! Such a wonderful thing to do.. I really hope you, Morgana, Katie and Lucy have one hell of an amazing weekend! Will be thinking of all those spa treatments you will all have and especially the copious amounts of cake you will eat!

  8. Aw, I bet you can’t wait to see your mum, the trip you have planned sounds wonderful. It must be tough living so far apart. Glad you’re enjoying Suits 🙂 Your cupcakes look so tasty, I hope you have a really great weekend with your blogging friends xx

  9. I’ve just read Morgana’s little loves and now come to yours and now all I want to do is go out and buy cake. Yours looks scrummy too!
    Thank you for my mention Jenny, I’m honoured to be in such wonderful company.
    You must be so excited for your mum coming, and I’m a tiny bit jealous that you’re heading off to Venice, it”s so beautiful.
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  10. Oh how exciting about Venice!! I’m sure your mum will be so delighted Jenny! Hope you had a lovely weekend with the other lovely ladies xx

  11. Love that you’ve been away with your blogging buddies. So lovely to hear how much blogging can change people’s lives! Hope you had a fab time. Some great post tips too. Will defo be reading! Thanks for sharing your #littleloves x

  12. It must be so hard for you being separated from your momma by so many miles, i feel incredibly lucky that my mum lives next door so i get to see her daily. I’d be totally lost without her! Hope you and the other ladies had a super spa weekend, been loving all the photos on Instagram xxx #LittleLoves

    • Thanks Vikki. We had a blast and really needed it. I would do anything to have my momma close but we could never live in their little country town either so there is no answer to that but be sad and visit often.


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