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Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:25 am

February is a short month so why does it feel so long this year? I swear I feel like we have been in February forever now. It’s hard for the time to move along when your cooped up inside for most of the month but we have been making the most of the last week of this month with the sun finally coming out. There have been beach visiting, outdoor bike riding, play ground attendance, and exploring nature. We have changed our bad gloomy weather attitudes to a exploring family attitude this month. We are looking forward to Spring hitting us with her presence and beautiful blooms. Me & Mine February A monthly family portrait project

Mommy is loving…

The lighter evenings, giving more time to photograph food.

Her first ever girlie holiday (which she is on as we speak).

Flowers in the house.

Daddy is loving…

Golf (It has to said, he is obsessed).

Playing soccer with the kids.

Our beach visits and outdoor adventures.

Buba is loving…

Drawing in the sand and dirt with sticks.

Collecting seashells on the beach.

Counting to 100 in a sing song voice.

Missy Moo is loving…

Saying new words everyday.

Eating plums.

Dancing in music class in front of everyone.

Me & Mine February A monthly family portrait project

Together we are loving…

Being silly as a family like playing airplanes.

Going on family adventures.

Eating out together.

Learning a new language.

Me & Mine February A monthly family portrait projectOur February didn’t hold much exciting news to share. We made the most of what we could on the days it wasn’t lashing it down or hailing. I have a feeling March is going to get spicy for us, the sun seems to be out more, longer days, lighter days, and we have Grandma here too from America!!!! Hip hip hooray! I can’t wait to share with you all. 

I am loving being a part of the Me & Mine team, it’s such a great project to get involved in and motivates you to capture your family altogether each month. This month I am sending you to the stunning mastermind behind this project Lucy at Dear Beautiful.  Please go have a peak at her gorgeous bunch who are always laughing and having a great family time together. 

Don’t forget Me & Mine has exciting perks to share for linking up. Each month one lucky family will WIN a photo prize from PhotoBox. February has another amazing photo cushion up for grabs so everyone that links up is in the drawing! Good luck and thanks for joining us in celebrating family portraits everywhere!

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52 thoughts on “Me & Mine {February}”

  1. Gorgeous photos as usual Jenny. Love these beach captures. What language are you learning together? That sounds so good. We’re kind of learning Italian by default with Martina being here, but would love to be more purposeful. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday xxx #meandmine

    • Thanks hun. We are learning Spanish slowly but surely together. I love it and I did study it in school but it’s been years so really need to revamp it so the kids pick it up at a young age.

  2. Oh what stunning pictures – I love the one of you all looking out to sea! It sounds like your February has been the calm before a storm of activity in March!

  3. Can not beat a beach picture, I found Feb to go by ever so quickly I’m actually in denial that it’s March tommorow! A beautiful sunny day soon we won’t need coats huzzah!

    • Thank you. I really did enjoy it all. Yeah January was a tough one too. February just seemed to follow suit. March is looking promising though.

    • We are learning Spanish together. My son’s nursery gives classes and then we teach the kids altogether at home. Thank you. It’s one of my favorites too.

  4. Lovely photos. The top one is especially nice. I am looking forward to getting outside and taking family photos on our outings. #meandmine

  5. Ahh I love that first photo so much, it is so lovely. I can’t wait for Spring either, this winter is really dragging and I am ready for sunshine and warmth on my skin. I hope you and the girls are all having a lovely weekend away together 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Lucy. Yes the lighter days have me all excited. We are loving Spanish for sure just wish I had more time to study with the kids on it.

  6. These are gorgeous photos. I’ve found February quite fast but we’ve the school and college routine and the week just flies by. It’s hard when the weather is bad though and you can’t get outdoors. For that reason, I can’t wait for Summer. Hope you are enjoying your holiday!

  7. Another here who cannot wait for Spring and some more sunshine!
    Beautiful photos this month, Jenny. I think the one of you holding hands with your hubby behind the children’s backs is particularly lovely. I’m very envious that you live near to a beach, and one with sand dunes too! x
    Kelly x

    • Me too. I am so looking forward to March, it’s full of family and friend meet ups. It’s going to go fast. I think I just might frame one of these for our house too. Thanks hun.

  8. Like you we are also waiting for march, the weather has been so miserable although a trip down to the beach sounds fun. I cant wait for it to start getting warmer.

    • Thanks Emma you are too sweet. We loved this place and the photos turned out better than I expect but I love capturing our family moments together.

  9. These photos are simply stunning. I love a winter beach visit but I’m also excited for a little more sunshine. I hate being cooped up indoors. x

  10. February does feel like it was here forever, but now we are already nearly a week into March!! You’re pictures are beautiful, I can’t decide which one I like the most.

    Hope you had a great girlie weekend 🙂

    • Thanks we really did have a great time. Much needed break away. I think March is flying by too but thankfully as that just means closer to my family visiting. Hurray.


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