Tips To Help Your Children With A Divorce

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No matter how happy your family is, sometimes you might find yourself in an unfortunate situation where you need a divorce. While you never go into a marriage expecting this to happen, it’s where 1 in 4 marriages end up and you want to ensure if it does, that your kids aren’t too impacted. Unfortunately, having children does make divorce more complicated. You want them to know that none of it is their fault and whatever is happening, you will always love them the same. If you are going through this situation with a  family lawyer, we’ve put together some top tips to help your children deal with a divorce, whether its yours as a parent, or understanding what it means if it’s happening to another family member.

How To Help Children Cope In A Separation Or Divorce

Try And Be As Honest As You Can

Consider the ages of your children and tailor what you tell them about the divorce. Older children might want to know more details. While younger ones are better off knowing that while you both love each other, it’s just not working anymore. It’s up to you to use your judgement on your children. Be as honest as you can without them being too upset. It’s never going to be easy telling your children about a divorce. Try and make it telling them as simple as possible.

Ensure They Know They’re Loved Equally By You Both

Sometimes children blame themselves for a divorce, so ensure you let them know that they’re loved equally by both. Tell them that things won’t change going forward in terms of how much they are cared for and that nothing is their fault. Explain to them that what is happening between the two of you is nothing to do with them. If they have any questions, respect them by answering as well as you can.

Don’t Let Them Get Involved In Your Arguments

There are many grounds for divorce and while you might no longer get on with your partner, you don’t want your child to feel stuck in the middle. Ensure they never feel as though they have to pick sides between you and your other half. And that whatever they do, they’re not involved in your fights. Keep them out of divorce papers and discussions about who gets what and why. Try not to bad mouth your ex-husband or wife to them and that they remain as uninvolved in what is going on with you as possible. By doing this, they will feel a lot happier and not as though they’re torn between you.

These are just a few tips to help your children with a divorce. By ensuring they still feel loved and safe, they are in a much better position going forward to deal with the life change they are experiencing. Ensure you are always open and honest and that they know they can always come and talk to you should they need to. What are some top tips you would give in order to help a child with a divorce? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.


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