3 Small Renovation Projects That’ll Revamp Your Home

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 01:46 pm

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After living in a house for a while, you could want to do it up. While it mightn’t be anything major, you’ll want to revamp your home a bit. You can choose from multiple small renovations to do this, each of which offers benefits, including:

  • Being quick to complete.
  • Being more affordable than large renovations.
  • Improving and refreshing your home’s style.

Figuring out how to revamp your home’s style doesn’t need to be difficult. Focusing on certain areas and doing small renovation projects will make sure you can do this. A few specific options stand out.

Small Renovation Projects That’ll Revamp Your Home: 3 Top Options

1. Refinish The Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets make a significant impression on the room. You should aim for this to be as positive as possible. You wouldn’t need to get new cabinets installed to achieve this, however.

Giving them a new finish or fresh coat of paint can be all that’s needed. Taking this approach only takes a few hours and doesn’t need much actual work. As long as the kitchen cabinets are structurally sound, then a fresh finish is all they need.

You’ll avoid all of the costs associated with ripping them out and installing new ones by taking this route.

2. Retile

Bathrooms, kitchens, and swimming pools need to be retiled over time. Not only can you get bored of their style, but they can become damaged and start breaking away. You wouldn’t need to turn this into a large project involving multiple contractors.

Once you know where to get your materials – such as swimming pool mosaic tiles – it can be simpler than you’d expect. Though you’ll need to take care when installing the new tiles, it’s a straightforward process.

Removing the old ones also isn’t an issue, provided you have a skip or something similar to throw them away in.

3. Caulk The Bathroom

Speaking of tiles, caulk is known to age and degrade over time, especially in the bathroom. It becomes brittle and cracked while turning brown around the edges. That affects the appearance of any tiled area quite significantly. Tackling this issue makes a large difference and is more than worth doing.

Check out my makeover tips for small bathrooms for more ideas

Caulking the bathroom or any tiled area can be easier than you’d think, especially if you have a steady hand. It should take about an hour, depending on the size of the bathroom. The caulk and other materials you’ll need for the project are also quite affordable, so you don’t need to spend much on it.

Small Renovation Projects That’ll Revamp Your Home: Wrapping Up

Figuring out how to revamp your home’s style doesn’t need to be complicated. Performing a few small home renovation projects can help you do this much faster than you’d think. The process will also be more affordable than you’d expect.

Since you can do much of the above yourself, you shouldn’t need to pay too much to get them done. While that means putting some elbow grease in, the return on investment is more than worth it.


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