Create the perfect summer inspired kitchen

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The kitchen is the heart of a home. It’s where the family gathers to eat and chat. For our family it seems to be the most used room in the house. I remember as a kid always ending up in the kitchen with my own siblings and parents. One would be cooking, another cleaning, another eating and someone always standing around joining in the chatter.

Kitchens should have a summer flare in my opinion. No matter what season it is I find the brighter and more airy the kitchen is the more inviting it is. Creating the perfect summer kitchen style is next on my list of home renovations.

creating a summer kitchen bright kitchens

What makes a kitchen summery?

I don’t mean the sun shining in but that always helps. I envision large, open windows to let as much natural light in as possible. Neutral or white cabinets with grey tiles have always been my favorite. I love earthstone worktops to keep that airy feel to the kitchen, worktop express have lovely options for a summer kitchen vibe.

Once you got your staple summer kitchen designs, you can style it with various succulents and a little pop of color. I always think yellow or blue is great accent for a kitchen but not too much. The succulents bring in greenery and that something “alive” feeling to it.

If you are lucky enough to have an open kitchen plan, I think seating for friends and family is always a must. Whether you have a breakfast bar, a dining table or a little corner nook. Summer time is a great time to entertain people. Being able to gather in the kitchen while you prepare the food is a lovely attraction to a home. There is nothing worse if you are stuck in the kitchen and your guests are in another room without you.


– make it bright

– white or neutral cabinets

– use greenery, succulents, plants, fake or real

– contrast with accent wood features

– keep worktops matte and white or neutral

– little pops of color: yellow, blue, copper are always fun in the kitchen

What would your summer inspired kitchen look like? I have big plans for renovating our home as we go along to suit our family needs. Making it have a summer vibe is top of my list. With the kitchen being the core of our home, I want it to be the most inviting and used room in our house.

creating a summer kitchen bright kitchens

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