Simple DIY Tasks Anyone Can Attempt

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Doing your own DIY projects is a really great thing to be able to do. For one thing, it empowers you to create the kind of home you would love to live in, and you can make your home exactly how you want it to be. But there is also the fact that DIY can be enjoyable in its own right, and it might be something that you want to try and do with your family from time to time as a way of passing the time together. If you are keen to try out some DIY, you’ll want to start with some simple jobs. Here are a few you can try out first and foremost.

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Put Up Shelves

At some time or another, most people will need to learn how to put up shelves in their home. There are a lot of different ways to approach this, and many kinds of shelves to consider trying out, so this is something that you are going to want to think about. But whichever way you do it, one thing’s for sure: it is a relatively easy DIY task that anybody can probably do easily enough.

For some very simple shelves, just grab a piece of timber and nail it into a hardwood wall with something to support it – pipe brackets work well for this. There you have it – simple, easy to put up shelves that you can use for storing all kinds of items.

Create A Mirror

Mirrors can be really useful and beautiful additions to any home, and they can be used to create a sense of space as well as, of course, being used as mirrors in a bathroom or bedroom. But did you know that you can easily create your own mirror yourself at home? This is a simple case of grabbing a mirror that you already have, and using some coloured tape and perhaps some spray paint to create your own border for it. By doing this, you can soon ensure that the mirror really looks the part for your bedroom or bathroom or whichever room it might be.


This is something that you should always attempt to do yourself before calling in a professional, as it is easy to do and affordable, and even enjoyable as well. No matter what it is that needs repainting, you should find that this is a pretty simple and straightforward thing to do. Let’s say you need to repaint the walls in a room. That’s just a matter of taking out the furniture, putting sheets down to protect the flooring, and then stirring your paint and slapping it on. For many people, this proves to be a really enjoyable and therapeutic act, so it is something that you might want to think about if you are looking for some DIY that will help soothe your mind.

If you want to repaint some furniture or anything wooden in the home, that too can be beneficial in the same kind of way.

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If you have never re-caulked anything before, you might be surprised at just how effective this can be in making a room look like new. Not just that, it is also incredibly simple and straightforward, and anyone can do it. If you look at your tub, shower, or sinks, or any tiles around those areas, you might notice some gaps where the old caulk has come away. To repair it, simply take out all of the old caulk with a softener and utility knife, and then clean the surface before applying the new caulk with a specialized gun. This really is simple to do, and it will make your bathroom or kitchen look like new in no time.

Fixing A Blocked Drain

Sometimes DIY is essential for keeping your home going strong, and this is a perfect example of that in action. There will certainly be times, after all, when you have a blocked drain in your home, and knowing how to fix that is something that is going to prove to be useful on more than one occasion. To fix a blocked drain is usually fairly simple. More often than not, all it will take is some drain unblocker product poured down the drain with plenty of hot water. If the problem persists however, you can unplug the issue with anything you might have lying around – even an old coat hanger.

Make A Bookshelf

This is very similar to the DIY task above of building a shelf, although a little more involved and you might perhaps need to put some more time and effort into it on the whole. Making a bookshelf requires that you put together a few pieces of wood in a secure way. You can simply nail them together, but it might be preferable to use the tried and tested method of dovetail joints to ensure the wood pieces slide together neatly and easily, without coming apart. Part of the beauty of making your own bookshelf is you can use your creativity to pretty much make it however you would like. This makes it a fantastic opportunity to get your own personality into the home, so that is certainly something that you should consider at the very least if you are keen to do that. You might find this is a really enjoyable DIY task to attempt.

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Build A Shed

At first, this might seem very difficult, especially if you are a newcomer to DIY. However, in truth it is not all that much more complex than some of the other jobs listed here, and it is certainly something you can work your way up to if you are keen to improve your DIY skills. Building a shed is easiest when you have a flatpack to use, and that is generally the best way to do it first of all. Just make sure you get the foundation nice and level, otherwise the whole thing will be wonky and practically useless in the long run!


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