Simple Ways To Refresh A Home Without Needing To Renovate

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Although many will assume that to transform the look and feel of a home it needs to have renovation projects going on from time to time, or all at once, that really isn’t the case. It is possible to change the look of your home without doing any renovation work at all. Here are simple ways to refresh a home without needing to do too much physical work. 

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Quick Ways To Refresh Your Home

Clean, declutter, and tidy

The most effective way to give your home a refresh without adding anything new is to give it a good clean and declutter. You could do this over several days or weekends if you have a lot to do. Taking each room at a time will ensure that you do a thorough job. 

Cleaning and decluttering can make the home feel fresh, new, and rejuvenated. You might be someone that likes to hoard items or simply hangs onto things “just in case”. If so, then you probably have way too much stuff than you need. 

It is important to hold onto precious belongings. For instance, you might have a keen interest in locomotive steam models. Hence, you won’t want to get rid of your Silver Crest Models. Yet, you might have too many pairs of shoes that are all quite similar. Therefore, it is quite obvious which to give up. 

When you do get to the decluttering stage, it is also important to remember to take each room at a time. If you try to do too much at once, you will likely not be brutal and end up with almost the same amount of stuff.

Once you have cleaned and decluttered, then it will be time to tidy. Keeping on top of your cleaning and tidying routine will help your home feel fresh and homely at all times. 

Move The Furniture Around

A simple and extremely affordable way to refresh your home is to move around the furniture. You might have fallen out of love with your bedroom because it has been the same setup for years. Hence, a little rearrangement of the furniture can make it feel new (and exciting again). 

You could do this in every room to make the entire house feel new, fun, and refreshed. 

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A deep clean of the floors

Over time, it is common for floors to become dirty and feel old. You don’t need to rip them up and replace them to make them feel clean and fresh again. Sometimes all a floor needs is a deep clean. 

Whether you have tiles, carpet, or wooden floor, all can be deep cleaned to look and feel as good as new again. 

Replace the curtains

If your home often feels dark inside, then it might be because of the window coverings that you have installed. If you have chosen dark or thick curtains/blinds, then they will not allow the maximum amount of light to pass through. Hence, it is a simple trick to replace them. 

Replacing them with window coverings that are light and airy will ensure to let more light passes through, which increases the light in your home and make it feel bigger and more refreshed. 

Change the soft furnishings

The soft furnishings in your home can often do with a refresh, especially if you use them a lot. For instance, you might have dark throws and fluffy pillows in the winter to feel cozy and warm. Yet, when the summer comes around, they won’t quite align with the weather. Hence, you could change them for something more seasonal, such as linen throws and pillows. 

Changing your soft furnishings seasonally will always make your home feel ready for the next cycle of weather. Plus, it will lift your home and make it feel fresh every few months.

While thinking of soft furnishings, some other features to not forget about include:

  • Bedding. There is no better feeling than getting new bedding. It can change the entire look and feel of the bedroom and also, help you sleep better. When you feel that there is something missing in the bedroom, change your bedding and see if it does the trick. 
  • Rugs. Although you won’t want to change your rugs seasonally, they can transform the look and feel of a room. Getting one that is summer appropriate will help the room feel cooler. Meanwhile, having a fluffy one for winter will add warmth to a room. 

Restyle the shelves

If you have shelves around the home to display things, such as your train collection or books, then it is a good idea to restyle them. They can totally transform the look, feel, and convenience of a room.

Simply changing up where you sit your books and your decorative pieces can satisfy your needs of refreshing the home and you won’t have to spend any money at all. 

Even repositioning the way/direction an object is sat can change the entire appearance of the shelving unit. It can help to take everything off and start from scratch if you want to achieve an entirely new look. 

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Another great way to refresh your home without renovating is to paint. Painting isn’t part of a renovation. Adding new features or taking away old ones is more of a renovation. Whereas painting is simply refreshing the home without having to interfere with other elements. You are not adding or taking anything away. Instead, you are refreshing. 

You could either refresh your home with the same (or a similar) color. Or, go bold and give the home an update with a different tone and color of paint. 

If you want a huge change, then you could choose to paint one wall in one (or every) room in a bold color. Making a statement with a feature wall can change the look and feel of the entire room. 

Change your hardware

The hardware that you have in your house might be what’s causing it to feel old and outdated. For instance, you might have had the same kitchen cupboard handles since you moved in 20 years ago. If so, then simply changing them for something more modern can transform the entire room. 

Opting for hardware that compliments the colors in the room will ensure that they align with the interior design. Having them stand out might make you dislike the feel and look of your home even more. Hence, always play it safe and opt for metal shades (gold, silver, brass) if you want something that is timeless but will still give your interior a lift and a refresh.

Paint the cupboard doors

Speaking of painting and kitchen cupboards, it is a great idea to paint/stain/gloss the cupboard doors around the home to help you achieve a refreshed look without renovating. 

Ensure to give them a clean before starting and also find out what they are made from. Some natural materials (or synthetic) might not react well to certain paints and stains. Hence, you could make them look worse instead of better. 

Spend time sanding them down too if they are wooden so that the final result is seamless and long-lasting.

Switch your faucets

Kitchen and bathroom faucets can often become grubby because of limescale buildup over the years. Although it can be cleaned away and kept fresh, sometimes they can feel and look dated. 

Hence, it is a good idea to switch your faucets if you feel that your kitchen and/or bathroom is looking dated. Changing them for the same one or a different one will guarantee to freshen up the space. 

Also, if you are changing your hardware, then getting faucets in the same material and color will make the interior feel more timeless and luxurious. 

Change your lighting and fixtures

Lighting is another thing that can make a home feel outdated. Although you might have liked chandeliers ten years ago, they might not align with your interior taste now. Therefore, changing the lighting fixtures is a simple way to refresh your interior. 

Choosing lighting that is timeless will ensure that you make a good investment. For instance, spotlighting will likely never feel old. Plus, simple and plain shades can work with any room no matter what color you paint it or features you add. 

Don’t forget the outside of your home 

Finally, it is important to finish off your home refresh by freshening up outside. Letting your garden go can impact the entire look and feel of your home. Hence, don’t neglect it. 

You can take tips from above to use in your garden. For instance, painting the fences, doors, and windows fixtures can refresh the hard features.

Thereafter, cleaning and decluttering the garden can make it more usable and pleasing to look at. Adding some pretty flowers or new bushes can give the garden a bit of life too. Hence, a refresh of the garden should never be forgotten about as it is a crucial part of the home to look after. 


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