Top Tips For Creating A Calm Bedroom

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It is no secret that your bedroom should be an oasis of calm – a place that you can retreat to after an intense, long day. But did you know that your bedroom may not be promoting a sense of calm? And that there are steps you can take to remedy this? Well, you can! In this article, we will be providing you with some top tips on how to create calm in your bedroom.

Plus, all of our tips are super simple to achieve and following them could help you to get some much-needed quality sleep. So, keep reading to discover more!

Top Tips For Creating A Calm Bedroom:

Tidy Your Bedroom

Keeping your bedroom tidy and clean is a must and one of the most simple tips on our list! Be sure that everything is put away in its place – no clothes littering the floor or piles of books threatening to topple over. It can be a good idea to purchase handy boxes to help store your things. Not only will it look tidier, but then you’ll know where everything is. Try and dust your bedroom once per week and do a deep clean monthly. This can help your mind to feel clean, clear and calm. It can also make you appreciate your bedroom and your possessions more, as you’ll be able to see them in a clearer light.

Manage Your Clutter

This follows from our previous point but goes that one step further. Decluttering your room is one of the best things that you can do for your mind. You can make a keep and chuck pile and donate what you want to get rid of to a charity of your choice. Decluttering your room forces you to re-evaluate what possessions bring you joy.

Make Your Bed

Try and make your bed first thing in the morning. Such a simple habit helps to set the tone for the rest of your day, as it begins in a productive manner. It will also be more pleasing and calming for you to return to a made bed in the evening. It can help add structure to the beginning and end of your day, which can add a sense of satisfaction and calm to your routine.

Calming Colours

Consider the colour that your walls are painted, as it’s actually more important than you think. There are calming colours, such as white, lilac and baby blue, that can help to promote calm. Why not consider repainting your room? This can help to give you a fresh start. If doing this yourself is too big of a DIY project, then consider asking your loved ones to help you, or you could treat yourself by calling in a professional painter.

Light Candles

Lighting your favourite candles can be an important part of your chilled-out evening routine. Light your candles and read a book or magazine or even do some meditation before bed. There is a wide selection of calming scents out there, such as lavender. It’s important to remember to blow out your candles before you drift off to sleep.

Create Darkness

There’s nothing worse than light trickling in through the curtains when you’re trying to sleep. Invest in some black-out curtains to help keep your bedroom dark, as this can help you to drift off to sleep faster.


Avoid Blue Light

Putting your phone and other devices that give off blue light away for the evening can help to promote calm. After all, blue light causes your brain to think it’s daytime. This can prevent you from getting to sleep. One of the best things that you can do is put your phone away for the evening or to stop watching TV an hour before you go to bed. Instead, you could read a book or write in your journal.

You could always consider running yourself a warm, calming bath. Some people like to combine their relaxing ritual with various CBD products like CBD gummies, infused bath bombs, creams, massage oils to help them create an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. CBD flower can also be used to make a relaxing tea drink. CBD is known to aid in reducing anxiety and addressing pain levels, helping you get much-needed restful sleep.

Choose Your Light Bulbs Wisely

Swapping out your regular light bulbs in your bedroom can be a good idea. Opt for LED light bulbs that give off a soft light as this will be far more peaceful than bright, white lights. Check out Artika bedroom light fixtures too.

Keep Sheets Clean

There’s nothing better than slipping into fresh bedsheets. Wash and dry your sheets once per week. You could even warm them in the dryer before you climb into them to help calm your mind. Keeping your sheets clean will also help to prevent any allergies, as well as minimise the risk of eye infections.

Hide Your Work

If you have to work in your bedroom, then make sure you hide the evidence before you go to sleep. This could be putting a sheet over your desk, hiding work papers or moving your laptop out of the room. This will help you associate your bedroom with calm and peace, as opposed to stress and deadlines. If you can, keep your work and desk out of your bedroom and take them into another room of your house.

Do Some Prep Work

Finally, get things ready for yourself for the next day. Doing this before you go to bed can help to calm your mind, as you’ll feel prepared for the next day as opposed to going over your to-do list in your head. This could be as simple as organising your clothes for the next day, prepping your meals, packing your work bag, setting your alarms and more.

Final Thoughts

And that completes our top tips for creating an oasis of calm in your bedroom! Following these tips can help to clear your mind at the end of the day and lead to more restful sleep for you. Remember that you can also give all-natural supplements a try, such as CBD, to help support your evening routine. It’s also critical to note that if you’re struggling to sleep, then you should book an appointment with a medical professional for advice.


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